Written by Chris

28 Jan 2005

I met Gill through a website, she had recently split up from her husband and was looking to explore her sexuality. At the time I was working away from home so had a lot of opportunity to meet people for discreet fun. We started chatting and it turned out she was curious about being a sub. This is something I had toyed with but never managed to find someone to explore with.

We started to chat and immediately she replied with Sir, this made me feel good and everytime she forgot to use it I told her I would punish her for that. Teasingly she said that I did not know where she lived, I replied by telling her she had to invite me over now. the next message I got was her address phone number and directions. I was asked to ring first to ensure her 17yr old daughter was not there.

I agreed to this and told her she was to answer the door naked. I got chanbged into my motorcyle stuff and raced over to her house. Stopping at the end of the road to make sure everything was clear.

I arrived at the house and she opened the door, still with her clothes on, but she did look down and not into my eyes which I liked. I told her off and ordered her into the living room, standing there I took my stuff off and told her to kneel with her head on the floor. I walked slowly round her lifting up her short skirt to reveal stockings and no panties.

I ordered her to stand up and go make me a cup of tea, this she did returning with two cups, placing on the table next to me. I ordered her to remove her skirt which Gill did allowing it to fall to the floor but not standing out of it. She had a smooth pussy, I had a quick feel and could feel that she was wet. I told her once more to kneel, with her bum in the air I reminded her about all the mistakes she had made while we chatted online. FOr each mistake I slapped her ass and after each slap she tanked me and apologised. I sat down and then asked her why she brought in two cups as I onloy asked for one. Once more she apologised and I could see her ass tense slightly thinking I was going to slap it once more. But instead I just drank my tea, after I had finished I ordered her up and to show me the bedroom. Once there I ordered her to strip noticing the camera next to the PC I took several pics whilst she was undressing. Now naked I told her to kneel on the bed and to pull her pussy lips wide apart, then to pull her ass wide apart looking at her ass I asked if she had every tried anal and she replied No.

I told her to get her vibrator out and to pleasure herself wHile I watched and took pics. After a few minutes she had cum I ordered her to lick it clean and put it away and to kneel on the bed once more. Standing behind her I slowly ran my cock along her pussy and up to her asshole before going back down and pushing my cock into her pussy. My hands reached round and took her tits in my hands squeezing them hard before taking her nice nipples and squeezing them hard making her moan. Ipulled out tuned her over and powered my ass onto her face and told her to lick my asshole. This she did and without being told tried to slip her tongue inside I squeezed her nipples once more telling her I did not tell her to do that. I moved away from her and ordered her to pull her lips wide apart until it started to hurt. As she did I tolfd her to stay like that I went downstairs and pulled a cucmber out of the fridge before going back up stairs.

Wlaking into the room I ordered her once more to kneel and pull herself wide apart I could see right into her pussy now and slowly slipped the cucmber into her hole. She let out a big scream for which she got a slap on the ass. I removed the cucumber and told er that it was not to be washed and had to be eaten with her pussy juice on it. She agreed and I once more slipped into her pussy pumping a few strokes hard and then soft, and occasionaly slapping her ass. I rested my hand on her ass and let my thumb rub her cute little hole, she moaned and I told her to stroke my balls and her clit this she did and then with one big push of my cock in her pussy, i slipped my thumb up her ass making her squeal. After a few more strokes I shot a big load of cum into her pussy, pulling out she was once more ordered to spread the lips, the cum started to slip out so I took a few more pics.

I dressed and told her I was leaving and that I would contact her again soon for some more fun.

Once I got back I sent her a txt message finding out when she was next free as she had to come to my place. She agreed and said she was free tomorrow, I said good and told her to be here by 11am. That is another story.