Written by BelindaF

8 May 2006

I have been waiting for you

Delving deep into my subconscious mind

Twisting my elongated nipples

My fanny is the centre of my life

How many penetrations have I endured?

Through respect, obedience and lust

Just the thought of masturbation and it's magic

And the sound of yet another buzzing vibrator

Spying on a man watching his woman

Short red mini skirt and long stockinged legs

Desire flowing and quickly growing

Unable to ignore her pleading cunt

He soon takes the bait

Watching him through lowered lashes

Reflecting on the rising wickedness

Playing with the power of psychological games

His mind works between her inner thighs

His eager tongue licks the tip of her swollen crevice

He has lost control

His mind oozing spunk into her shaven cunt

Would she cross that bridge if she came near to it?

Suddenly surprised by her own naivety

She whispers huskily

As he fucks her pretty mouth

She has tried lesbian licking

Cock sucking

Tongue fucking

Her stomach turns and somersaults

He finds his rhythem with obvious arousal

After lifting her gymslip

Short white ankle socks, straw boater and tie

A schoolgirl again for the taking

Spinning around on her heels

Her tongue flicks his hardness

Lapping up his white hot cream

It drips from her bloated mouth

She stands and then bends over

Her naked thighs part

His wife squeals

Her blonde pigtails bouncing!!

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