Written by Garage man

23 Jul 2006

As I rejoined Sue on the bed I gave a backward glance to Terry bound hand and foot with Sue's used thong in his mouth. He looked apathetic wimp so I thought Id tell him.

Later on, cuck boy, You are gonna be untied and made to crawl over here and lick up all the mess that me and your horny bitch of a wife are gonna make as we fuck each others brains out!!!!!I said to him.

Sue was loving it, we kissed, we cuddled, we stroked each others bodies for whar seemed like hours, but wasn't, then making sure that the wimp had a good view I stuck my tongue out and snaked it all down the front of Sue's body until it came to rest between her open thighs. She was like a bitch on heat as I gently lapped away at the folds of her neatly trimmed pussy pushing my tongue in a bit further every time making her squeal with delight...

She was pulling my foreskin back and forward and telling me how she was gonna suck my big fat cock again and swallow all the spunk.

Terry was wriggling on the chair and even I could see he had an excuse for a hard on showing at the front of his trousers. To humiliate him further between licks I was telling him that if he didn't have such a little cock it would be him doing this not me but now I could see by his bulge that it would'nt satisfy any woman he was just a joke... This made him mumble something and wriggle even more in the chair but I had done a good job of tying him up, he wouldn't be able to get out!!!!

Sue was thouroughly enjoying all of this attention as I was gently squeezing her nipples and kneading her lovely tits at the same time something that I know most women enjoy..

I asked Sue where she would like some attention next and she just swung her legs off the bed stuck her lovely bare bum in the face of her husband and proceeded to suck my cock like it was a lollypop. Can yo see your wife cuck boy, she's got a mouth full of cock, what do you say to that eh?

Oh yes I'm shouting thats a good cock suck, thats how they should be done, I'm not surprised you don't suck his if its that small... This just spurred her on to take even more of it in her mouth so much so that I had to call a halt to it as I didn't want to peak yet.......

Terry was desperately trying to get his nose ito her fanny box but she was having none of it. Poor bloke I'm surprised he didn't cum in his trousers, which gave me another wicked evil idea....

I jumped off the bed undid his arms and legs but still leaving him gagged I ordered him to strip naked for Sue.

She sat up in bed still gently fingering her clit and watched this pathetic excuse for a husband slowly disrobe. A smile crept accross her face when he was naked and she lokked at his dick. She was right it was small. Fully erect it could have been no more than 3 and a half inches, now I could really go in for the kill.....

Go and get me a tape measure you fucking excuse for a man, I shouted at him, I'm gonna measure your little cock and then I'm gonna measure mine....Then every time you're wanking that little specimen you'll wish it was like a normal mans, like mine, I called as he rushed off downstairs. Sue laid back on the bed and I kissed her full on the lips for the first time for what seemed like ages and replaced her finger with mine just inside her pussy giving her clit a little squeeze between my thumb and fore finger. I turned round to see Terry standing in the doorway with a tape measure in one hand and his little cock in the other.

Who gave you permission to come in little wanker, I shouted at him, and who told you that you could play with that tiny cock of yours? Of course he couldn't answer as his gag was still in place but Sue just ignored him anyway and writhed away on my hand.

Thats 2 more misdemeanours, that means 2 more strokes of the cane that your wife is going to have to take for your incompetence. Right give me that tape, I snapped. Sue, do you want to hold this tape while i measure your husbands pathetic cock or not? Not really she said, it doesnt bother me if I never see it again, its a waste of time having it. At that Terry looked shocked I think he thought this has gone far enough but before he could take off his gag I put the tape alongside his cock and lo and behold it was 3 and a half inches. Sue, I said loudly, give my cock another suck to get its to its full potential and then we'll measure mine.

She was on it straight away giving it her best shot and when I knew it was as big as it would go I coolly announced with the tape and my cock in the same hand 8 and a half inches......Sue looked her husbands excuse for one and giggled. To think all these years I've watched you or helped you wank that she laughed.

Enough, I commanded. Both of you on the bed facing the headboard on your knees. Neither of them realising what was coming next I told Terry to hold his wife'e hand as the punishment was about to begin and as Sue lokked over her shoulder I winked and I knew she would trust me.....

As the first blow of the cane struck down on his bare backside he let out an almighty whelp that was audible even through the thong and gag in his mouth. He gripped his wife's hand so hard she told me later it hurt.

Ready for another I asked but not waiting for an answer struck the cane once again right accross both bare cheeks.

Again he whelped. But I thought you wanted to be caned cuck boy I teased. Perhaps you didn't want it to be so hard so the next one will be softer as Sue will do it.

She lokked round at me in horror but as I told her, the better you cane him the more cock you'll get!!!!!

She had that cane in her hand and brought it down firmly accross his cheeks shouting obscenities at him, telling him that he wasn't fit to suck her thong and she was gonna make him suffer when I had gone home. He was never gonna be allowed in her bed again and he would have to wank himself off in front of her or me whenever we felt the need for some entertainment. He nodded in aggreement still whimpering from the pain of the caning he had recieved.....

To be continued.