Written by David

23 Sep 2004

I arrived home unexpectedly one afternoon a few weeks ago to get changed before going on to my office. I was met on the stairs by my wife in her dressing gown although it was 2.30 in tha afternoon. She told me she had been going through her wardrobe when she heard the car. I changed and noticed that the laptop was on. A quick glance showed me it was on a camera site. My mind slipped into gear and I began to wonder. I noticed the name of the site and left everything as it was. A couple of weeks before we had bought a webcam with the intention of keeping in touch with frinds and family easily.I deliberately said nothing and made my way back to my office telling Lynne I should be back about 5pm. Once in my office I logged on line and called up the cam site. It was a big site with many cameras but I found that there only seemed to be a few females on line.Bingo the fourth one I tried I saw our bedroom spring into view. Sitting in fromt of the camera was my wife visible from the neck down wearing only her bra and panties.

Lynne is 32 and has a great figure which she has looked after with firm breasts and a tight little bum.

The comments she was getting were amazing with guys saying what they would like to do to her and some girls putting their comments too. She allowed herself to be talked out of her bra by a guy using the handle Python. I looked at hhis cam and his handle was deserved for sure. His cock was big and thick and he made no attempt to hide his face. I reckoned he was around late teens early 20's. She was obviously flattered by all the attention and must have given out her approximate location because of the offers she was getting from guys. After a while she gave the cam a good view of her pantie clad bum and said she would be back next day about the same time.

I sat in my office with a hard on thinking about how she had neen looking at Python's cock and imagining her with it. I went back home and had trouble not saying anything that night although she was very ready for sex and very wet. The next day I could hardly wait to log in and had cleared myself a good time slot ready. I have my own business so I was able to lock the door ready.Trolling through the names I found her cam and then she was there sitting in front of it, her top button undone but otherwise modest. Guys were chatting to her asking her various questions - highly personal ones. I noticed once more Python was there but there were lots of other guys openly showing their cocks. They were all typing for her to get naked when she asked what she should take off first. It seemed to me to be an even thing between skirt and blouse with some sugesting panties. Lynne took ages over this as the free cameras there only work slowly. She slipped out of the short brown skirt allowing her blouse to cover her bum. Moving away from the camera she bent over a few times so that her thong clad bum could be seen. I had time to move from cam to cam and saw that Python had a huge big hard on and was telling her he wanted to give it to her. Lynne tok another vote and they wanted her blouse off. facing the camera she slowly opened it revealing her magnificent breasts held in by a small black bra. She posed again full length for them showing her thong clad bum before taking off her bra slowly to show the cam her firm breasts with erect nipples. Her thong was slipped out of next and then she sat facing the camera, her beautiful body naked for all to see. Guys were asking her mail and she put a hotmail address on the screen for them. Then she switched off her camera saying that she may be back tomorrow.

I was tremendously turned on by the fact that all those guys had seen her naked and wanted to fuck her. I imagined she would get a lot of mail but knew I wouldn't get to see it or would I? I carefully composed an mail and sent it from a yahoo address. It read 'Saw you on cam today. Iam your biggest fan lets go straight to bed when I get home' and signed it.

When I got home she had obviously read itand was apologtic about going on cam and so on. I told her how it had really made me excited and took her to the bedroom where I asked her about her mails. She let me see some where guys had enclosed photos. There was one there from Python. I said to her 'He looks to have a big one' She said he had and was ever so nice to chat to and he only lived a few miles away. II was caressing her naked body by now and i asked her if she could imagine his cock in her. She shuddered and said she would love it. Then she realised I was serious and said asked if I would be jealous. I explained that I would love it if I were there to watch or take part. This turned her on a lot and we discussed the practicalities if he were willing. We made love furiously again thinking about it and agreed to set the wheels in motion for a meeting very soon