Written by sleepless in bedford

23 Jun 2006

I work as a delivery driver for one of the home shopping lot you know the type you call or order on line we deliver. well i made this large delivery to a womans house she was 50ish wearing a shortish black skirt ans a tight fitting blouse you could see her ample tits under the taught top and they were big, i am a flirty type you dont want to have me near your wife when you are at work. anyway i did my stuff and she asked about help with sorting out the delivery to which i said well i could call back after work ...

she took me up on the offer and we exchanged numbers, all day i got txts from her and they got very hot indeed. i said i would love to pop round and drop my shorts and let her do what she wanted, well she repied with a few ideas so the stage was set.

i got round at 4 and true to my word i went staight into the kitchen where she was making a cup of coffee and while her back was turned i stripped of, walked up behind her and felt her massive tits while rubbing my dick against her.

when she turned round and saw me she was shocked but was quick to grab my 7 inch dick and my shaven cock and wank me, i pushed her down and watched as this woman old enough to be my mother sucked me down deep after a bit we moved to the living room where she asked me to explore under her skirt she had stockings on and no knickers i was qick to get in and eat her shaven pussy. well we fucked for hours she was old saggy but eager. one pluss point was she told her friend and for her birthday i was asked to wank off for them both so i got the attention of 2 women both calling me a diry boy while licking my cock balls and anus ......i love my job ....more to cum