Written by Garage Man

10 Aug 2006

Terry went off to the office, Sue told me, on the Monday with the letter for Lisa in his brief case. She said he looked very sheepish and pleaded with her not to go through with whatever we had in store but she just laughed, turned her back and told him you know what's in store if I don't get a reply!!!!!!

At just after 11.00 the phone rang with a very nervous Lisa on the other end.

After the usual small talk Sue got the ball rolling by enquiring had she understood the letter and stressed that if it had offended her then to destroy it and carry on as normal.

Far from it! came the reply. She would love to play along with our "game" as she called it but there were a few things she wanted to check out.

" I've had a couple of hours to mull this over now and really want to know how far you want me to go.

Do I humiliate him by getting him to undress in front of me?

Do I tease him by flashing a bit of thigh or clevage then scald him for being a small cocked wimp when he's looked? Could I involve a very close female friend whom I know has a fantasy about completely having a man who obeys her every

wish and command? Where do you want me to draw the line?

All that sounds wonderful, replied Sue. Just make sure and let us know what you've done so we can humiliate him further while he stands and watches Mike and I in bed together. Lisa said she was looking forward to her new role and promised to keep us informed....

I was already there when Terry came home. Mike has already had me in the lounge and there are some tissues still in there that you can pick up and put in the bin she greeted him. He looked at the cane in my hand and flinched...

"I thought Lisa had rang you" he enquired. "She has cuck boy, I'm just gonna give you a "one stroke" for being a well behaved wimp and because you like it and because your wife is a thouroughly good fuck!!!!"

Sue watched and grinned as he dropped his trousers and boxers and bent over the arm of the settee sniffing the used tissues of Sue's and mine cum.

You pathetic worthless wimp I shouted at him as I brought the cane down accross his bare buttocks with an almighty force.

He let out such a loud sream I'm surprised no one called the police!!!!

Thankyou Sir Thankyou Sir he said over and over again as the pain subsided....

Now get dressed and go and clean my car while I take your wife to bed and don't come back in till you're told to!!!!

To be continued......