Written by Garage man

23 Jul 2006

Its Terry here Sir, said the voice on my mobile. Yes I snapped what can I do for you? [ wondering if he really would go through with this]

As you know Sir my wife is very keen to see you our house and I wondered whether tomorrow night would be convenient... So far so good I thought, but he hasn't actually asked me out right, so I responded with " I'm not sure, I may be busy"

Please Sir, please come. I would really like you to take my wife to bed and do with her as you see fit. Can I pick you up at 7.00?

You most certainly can, Wimpy, I thought as a smile as wide as the Thames crossed my face but I just said "Don't be late" and put the phone down.

7.00 the next evening soon came and as sure as sure Terry was on the forecourt waiting for me. I walked up to the car and he got in the drivers side. "Ahem" I said loudly as I stood at the passenger rear door. He took the hint and quickly jumped out, ran round the car and opened the door for me.. Sorry, he said, not used to this!!!

We set off for thier home and all the while Terry was trying to make small talk. About 3 miles into the journey I told him to pull over and stop the car.

I pulled a small notebook from my pocket and proceeded to write in it. "Do you know why I've asked you to stop and what I'm writing Terry? No, came the curt reply....

Let me explain a few ground rules here tiny prick!!! I shouted.. He looked astonished that I knew of such things so I laid into him. Because you are so crap in bed and you never satisfy your beautiful wife you are not only going to plead with me to give her what she needs but I am going to list down every mis demeanour that you carry out and either you or her will be punished accordingley.

Now, this realationship is only 15 minutes old and you have already incurred 3. one for not standing at the car door ready for me. two for not adressing me as Sir and three for talking bollocks until I told you to pull over.

Now then tiny prick what's your lovely wife goona say when I tell her that one of you has to be punished for every 3 misdemeanours?

What sort of punishment will it be Sir? he asked very quietly. Have'nt decided yet but rest assured it will involve a cane on someones bare buttocks. I'm sure I saw a wry smile appear on his face but I didn't comment, I'd keep that for another time.

Now drive me to your house in fucking silence you useless wanker before I lose my temper with you and your useless little cock.... Yes Sir was all he said for the rest of the journey...

On arrival at their house I waited for my door to be opened and then followed him up to the front door where he opened it said, after you sir, and returned to lock up his car.

Sue was waiting in the lounge dressed in the most exquisite black evening gown with a split up to the thigh on one side giving an ample view of stocking top and as it was so low cut no need for a bra of any kind.

She stood up kissed me fully on the lips and offered me a drink. You can stand here and feel my cock grow I told her, let that fucking useless pathetic wanker of a husband get me a drink, knowing full well he was in the hall way listening. He bustled in, sorry sir I was locking up the car what would you like to drink. Large scotch. I snapped, and you can serve it in here. I gestured to the settee where we had had our previous encounter and out of his earshot I whispered to Sue that she looked absolutely stunning and how I was gonna makelove to her all night if she'd let me!! She just smiled and was about to say something when Terry appearde with our drinks.

I was just telling your beautiful wife here that she's far too good for a small pricked useless wimp like you. What do you have to say to that? Terry stammered, clearly embarresed to be spoken too in this way in front of Sue, so I dug further. I haven't told her yet about your 3 misdemeanours, and quickly explained to Sue what had happened earlier, but when I mentioned that punishment would take the form of a caning to the bare buttocks I could swear I saw a glint of excitement in your eye little dick, would I be correct? I glanced accross at Sue who was now clearly enjoying her husbands uncomfortableness as we waited for an answer. Again he started to stutter so Sue piped in with, of course it excites him. He's been on at me since before we were married to use a stick to his bare ass, he wanks to the thought of it. I only did it once and did'nt enjoy it so refused to do it again.

Punishment is not to be enjoyed tiny cock so for the misdemeanours so far its Sue who'll get 3 strokes of the cane.

Sue looked at me horrified so out of his view I mouthed "trust me" and her face went back to how it was.

Anyway Wimp boy go and prepare the bathroom for me I want a razor with a new blade fresh towels and your very best after shave. Terry looked shocked but scurried off to obey my wishes. I'm not sure about this punishment thing said Sue as she heard the shower start. Trust me, I said, you won't be getting it!!!!

I had left Terry with distinct instructions while I was showering. He had to get 5 of his ties and place them on a chair facing their bed. Also he was to make sure that Sue was laying on the bed minus her gown but nothing else.

As I came out of the shower I still had a semi hard on and a wicked thought flashed through my mind. Terry, I shouted, come in here a minute. What Sir? he asked, quite pleased I hadn't called him tiny prick or something similar I think,as he came in but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me standing there completely naked with my cock just at that in between stage. Like my cock, tiny prick, do you?

He was honestly lost for words and did'nt know what to say. This is what Sue had in her mouth the other day, did she tell you that cuck boy? Did she tell you that she sucked me off and swallowed every drop of my hot cum? She told me that even flaccid and after its shot it's lot its still bigger than your pathetic thing. Thats how I know about your useless little prick now fuck off and let me get dried. He scuttled away leaving me with a great feeling of power so when I walked in the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my waist I wasn't surprised to see him sitting on the chair and Sue, as requested, laying back on the bed lokking absolutly wonderful in stockings suspenders high heeled shoes and a tiny black thong.

Right you pathetic little runt you will go downstairs and bring us both a fresh drink, some cigarrettes, lighter and a garden cane. That made his eyes light up!! If we are busy when you come back you will knock and wait. Do you understand. Yes sir he muttered as he was off down the stairs.

While he was gone Sue put her hand under the towel and smiled when she felt my very stiff cock knowing that before long it would be her first one for 10 long years..

There was a knock on the door and in he came with all of what was asked. I noticed that he had chosen a very short stock cane from the garden but it would do the job I had in mind fine.

Right, give me the ties I'll show you how a woman should be made love to and you can watch and learn. At this point he realised that it was him that was gonna be tied up not Sue and he hesitated briefly. Do you want another misdemeanour on your list cuck boy? I shouted. No sir he said and handed me the ties and sat on the chair.

Sue was smiling as I tied each leg and arm to the chair with 4 of the ties. I then left him like that whilst I crawled up the bed to Sue and slowly, very slowly slid down her thong but not before I made it moist by playing with her little clit. She was pushing her mound upwards begging me to touch it, feelit, rub it, suck it, lick it anything but I had other plans..

I took the soaking thong and stuck it in her husbands mouth much to his glee and then used the 5th tie to gag him and make sure it was firmly in place.

This done I settled down for an evening of fun with Sue and a growing urge to totally humilate her wimp of a husband...