Written by Kim H

17 Aug 2004

For my birthday my husband Paul arranged for us to go away for two weeks. The hotel was lovely and everything you could want was there. On our third day there Paul arranged to go sea fishing for the day giving me money to go shopping and telling me he has arranged for me to have a massage later in the morning which was lovely of him.

After my shopping trip I went to reception and asked about my massage they told me to go to the 3rd floor room 341. I knocked on the door and was shocked to see a 6ft black hunk standing there in only a pair of shorts saying welcome please come in. I entered the room to see a massage table in the middle of the room and bottles of oil next to it. The black guy said make yourself comfortable as I removed my tee-shirt and shorts leaving just my bikini on as I laid on my front. He turn round saying I should remove my bikini top so he could massage my back and shoulders more easy which I did.

Soon he was rubbing oil over my back and shoulders making me feel really good and relaxed as his big hands moved over my body slowly moving up and down along my spine. I felt his hands touch the top of my arse cheeks which started to turn me gently he moved his hands a little lower as for some reason I lifted my arse slightly upwards. He moved round the table and started rubbing oil onto my legs moving his hands up and down each one in turn. I was now starting to feel myself getting wetter between my legs the more I relaxed. Gently I felt his hands slip under my bikini bottom up the side of my legs again I lifted my arse slightly from the table to feel him gently lowering my bottoms. I didn't stop him as he removed them.

I was now laying there naked with a black stranger running his hands over my body which only my husband had ever done. He asked if I would like him to do my front which without thinking I turned over. Slowly he run his hands over my front each hand gently squeezing my tits I couldn't believe I was letting another man touch me but I was so relaxed and turned on I didn't care. I felt him move round the table as his hands continued running over my body I felt his hands on my legs as he gently parted them I opened my eyes to see him looking at my clean shaven pussy asking if he liked what he could see. He nodded saying very sexy and before I could say another word his hand was running over my pussy his finger finding my clitty.

I opened my legs wider as he finger slipped in to my wet pussy as he lowered his head and flicked his tongue over my clitty. I closed my eyes enjoying what he was now doing feeling his finger going deeper into my pussy I moved my arse as the same time letting him go as deep as his finger could go. He stood back as I watched him remove his shorts and saw the biggest cock I had ever saw. It was a good 10inchs and very thick as he moved back between my legs. Without saying a word he took hold of my legs lifting my arse slightly from the table running his big thick hard cock against my clitty. I was shaking with excitement wanting him to push it into me which with a gentle forward thrust he entered my pussy easy I let out a little moan as I felt him streching my pussy like never before until I felt him fully inside me.

He climbed onto the table laying over me his lips moving down until I felt them on mine we kissed our tongues dancing inside each others mouth as he cock found my wet hole once more slowly and gently he eased it back and forth his mouth now sucking one of my erect nipples before placing a love bite on my tit. He really started to fuck me as hard as I was trying to fuck him. I could feel my climax building as my body started to tingle until he pulled back and turned me over he parted the cheeks of my arse and asked if I had ever been fucked in the arse I replied no. He got some oil and with the tip of his finger placed some on my tight little hole to my arse. I lifted my arse as I felt the tip of his cock touching my tight hole before very gently easing his cock in it felt like my arse was being ripped open as he pushed the whole of his cock into my arse saying how nice and tight it was soon he was really fucking my arse hard I bite my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming out as he moved his hand round and finger fucked me at the same time.

Once more he turned me over and pushed his black cock back into my pussy. He now really started to fuck me hard and fast as I laid back enjoying his fuck. I screamed out yes fuck me fuck me as I hit an almighty climax he gripped my arse and with one last hard thrust I felt him shooting his cum deep inside my pussy. We laid there kissing as he released every last drop of cum into me. As his cock went limp he moved down opening my legs before licking my clitty once more. I felt him placing a love bite on my pussy lips before he said well hubby will know what you have been up to this morning wont't he.

That night as I undressed Paul noticed the love bite on my tit and pussy lips saying hope I enjoyed the birthday treat that he had paid for before giving me the best fuck of our marrage.