Written by Phillip

13 Jan 2006

My wife is a very beautiful woman. She is tall, slim and elegant with beautiful red hair and the most incredible silk soft skin. When she was young she was stunning, and as she has grown a little older she has become even more gorgeous. Naturally, she is a magnet for men and always has been.

Why she ever married me is a mystery to everyone we know.

For many years I was unaware that I am very underdeveloped compared with most men in the trouser department, and I am deeply ashamed that I failed to satisfy her at any point. When I think of how unpleasant it must have been for her to put up with my feeble attempts at sex I feel very guilty, especially when you consider that my inadequacy put her in the position of having to clandestinely turn to a succession of men down the years for proper provision of her needs.

Of course, when I first found out that she had been sleeping with other men, I was initially very angry, but I now realise that the fault was mine, not hers. How could a magnificent woman like her be ever have been expected to make do with a useless man with a small penis when far better men were queuing to satisfy her ?

We had a lot of rows around that time, and she left me for a while, which I deserved for trying to restrict her quite understandable need for the company of proper men. I begged her to come back and she eventually did because she agreed that it was convenient for her to have the financial and other benefits which I was able to provide. However, she made it clear from the outset that she was no longer prepared to be told by me who she could sleep with.

From then on, she went out a lot for decent company and sex, while I stayed at home and looked after the kids. Sometimes she would come home late and sometimes not until the following day, but the main thing was that she came home in the end.

When she did I was waiting to run her bath and make her comfortable. Yes, it did hurt to know that she’d been with another man, but I soon got used to my new role, and she was very kind and understanding to me during this time. She encouraged me to talk about my feelings and didn’t mind when I cried, which I frequently did. She even gave me tips during our love making about how I could do it more like her lovers, although I was never able to do it as it should be done because of my laughable measurement. She did her best to encourage me though, and even gave me a penis enlarger for my birthday, but it didn’t really work. As time passed, I began to actively enjoy my new inferior role, and she took on her position of total authority quite naturally. She started to like being cruel and I gradually accepted and yielded to it.

Before long she stopped sleeping with me and I had to make do with thinking about her having sex with other man and masturbating. Then she restricted this to once a week after I had begged her for permission to do it. Sometimes she would send me out of the room to do it and sometimes she would make me stand there and do it in front of her.

Then one day she announced that she was tired of having to go out every time she needed sex, and began bringing her lovers home. I was moved into the spare room on these occasions, and had to lie there listening to them all night, which was both painful and delicious.

Her current lover is endowed with eight inches, which is just over double what I can offer her, and he has moved in for the time being. He is a better man than I am, and I am very grateful to him for giving Christina what I simply cannot. I am very happy to serve and obey them both, and my only worry is that they are both happy and satisfied.