Written by Tom B

31 May 2004

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My cock got hard immediately. I showed up on the dot and took a seat near the crowded bar. There was a band playing and couples were on the dance floor dancing. There I caught a glimsp of my wife in a short sun dress dancing with a well built black guy. They both looked to be enjoying themselves. About that time a guy at the bar saw me looking at them and said that it was apparent that white women was going to get some black cock later tonight. When I asked how do you know, he told me he had seen them earlier dancing and she was grinding her pussy on his leg while he was rubbing her ass during a slow song. Then, sure enough the next song was a slow one and I saw them come together and there was no doubt that this was dry fucking at it's finest. I felt excited and anxious at the same time. When it was over, my wife's friend went to the bar and she came by my stool and made a motion for me to follow her. 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