Written by Mark from Pueblo

29 Oct 2006


Debbie and I met in a Country/Western dance hall. She was there to learn how to dance. Like most men who were there I was looking for a woman to hook up with. When I first saw Debbie I thought to myself that she looked like a sweet young girl who would be submissive and demure. Here was this 22 year old, petite girl who was very attractive. She was in these tight wrangler jeans, a very cute butt. Medium length blond hair, big blue eyes. She stands 5ft 2in tall and fit very nicely in my 5ft 9in frame. At the time she weighed 102 to 105lbs. This was before she gave birth to my two girls. Today she is about 5lbs heavier.

I am 7 years older than she is and have a very good job that pays well. Debbie was and is very attracted to that, all the nice things that a good job provides. A nice house, a nice car and all that. Now I would not say that Debbie fell in love with me because I have a fat wallet, though I know she appreciates that. Rather I think that she rationalized away my deficits in favor for my benefits. Of this I am certain, Debbie loves me and has no desire to ever leave me. As long as I am faithful and do not cheat on her Debbie will be with me till the day I die.

So Debbie and I dated for 10 months and then we married. I always had felt it a little weird that she was not that interested in sex. Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of sex in those early years and I absolutely loved sex with her. Debbie was tight and young with a fit body. She loved oral sex, especially when I went down on her and best of all she enjoys anal sex and swallows. For me Debbie is the complete sexual package.


My wife Debbie and I had been married for 11 years. Sex with Debbie for me was great, but I could tell that she was bored with it. So one day, while we were on vacation in Las Vegas I made a suggestion to her that just may spice up our sex life, especially for her. I told her we should go to the local sex shop and get her a dildo.

I was surprised when she agreed, but I was even more surprised when she picked out the dildo she wanted. It was very big, 8 inches long and was formed from a guy's real dick. It had the veins and everything. She was downright giddy with the thing. I don't know if it was because she had never been with another man but me, or if it was because I have a smallish cock (a little over 3 inches) but there was no doubt but that she couldn't wait to give the thing a try.

After we paid for the dildo she grabbed my hand and practically ran back to the car. She insisted that she drive. As she sped back to the hotel room she ordered (yep, it was definitely an order) me to unpack her new "toy." As I pulled it out from its wrapping I felt if for the first time, it was soft and felt pretty realistic. No sooner than I had the dildo out than Debbie grabbed out of my hands. She literally squealed in anticipation.


It had to happen, just two blocks from the hotel she got pulled over by the police for speeding. Now if that wasn't bad enough, the cop happened to be female, and there was my wife with this big realistic dildo in her hand. I completely forgot that she took the thing from me, and there was this attractive cop at the drivers side window staring at the thing with this sexy little smile on her face. I was so embarrased that I couldn't say a word, but the cop sure could. She told my wife in this sultry soft voice "Now I understand why you were speeding."

But that was not what was most embarrassing about this situation. It was what my wife told that pretty cop. She said "Yes, you see, my husband Mark here has a small cock and I just can't wait to try a real sized cock." I turned bright red as the cop looked at me and laughed. Debbie turned and looked at me while the police officer was laughing and just smiled at me. “Don’t worry Mark” my wife said “I’ve already told all my girlfriends about you.” Holy crap I thought to myself, now how could I face any of them ever again.

When the cop finally stopped laughing she said to me "Your wife is so pretty, she deserves to have a nice big cock, not some tiny little cock like you have. You should be ashamed, you should go out and find your wife a real cock, one that is deserving of a strong beautiful woman like your wife." Then she told us both to get out of the car and move around to the passenger side of the car. We did as we were told and that pretty little female cop faced us, not more than three feet away. That is when she said “I want to see it. Pull down your pants Mark.”

My wife just laughed, I said “No way, not a chance. That is for only my wife to see, no one else.” Debbie nearly doubled over with laughter at that point. I was so embarrassed, I did not know what to do, I did not know what my wife wanted or expected of me. The cop just said “Pull down your pants, I want to see your little cock. I want to see if what your wife says is true. If it is I will not write your wife up for speeding.”

That was tempting. My wife is a bit of a lead foot and I did not want our insurance to go up because she got another speeding ticket. So I swallowed my pride, unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. The cop got mad at that point, she said “Pull down you damn underwear as well stupid.” Damn! I thought to myself. Debbie just looked at me with this big gin on her face and so “Go on, show her your tiny cock Mark.” And the cop said “Yeah Mark, show me your tiny little cock.”


So I swallowed my pride again and pulled down my underwear to my knees. The cop clicked on her flash light and pointed it right at my crotch. Debbie busted out in laughter again and so did the cop. “Holy shit!” the cop said. “You’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” I couldn’t believe it myself. My wife, the one I trust the most, she’s not defending me, she is ridiculing me. She is laughing at me. Worst of all, she is encouraging another woman to look at my cock and make judgment upon it.

That is when that pretty little cop said “Let me introduce my self to the two of you. My name is Sara.” She stuck out her hand to my wife and Debbie shook her hand. And me, with my pants still down around my knees, I too shook her hand and said “Nice to meet you Sara.” Laughing again Sara said “Yeah, right. Now make it hard, I want to see how small it is when it is hard.” Debbie just looked at me and gave me this silly little grin and said “Isn’t Sara pretty Mark, won’t you stoke your cock for her and make it hard. Go on, make your cock hard for Sara.”

All I could do was sigh and shrug my shoulders. Debbie wanted me to do this for Sara, and I suppose that I was excited about it too. Here was this strange woman, this very pretty woman and she and my wife were both asking me to make my cock hard for them. What would you do huh? I did what any man would do, I stroked my cock, I made it hard for them. Sara took a step closer to me and giggled. “Good grief!” she said. “I have heard about things like this, but I never ever thought I would see one. How small is this thing Debbie?” My wife told her “Truthfully, I don’t know, but I think it is about 3 inches long and maybe an inch and a half around. But I want you to notice something. Take a good look at his testicles.” So Sara took my hard cock in her hand and pulled it to one side so that she could get a better look at my testicles. She must have looked at them for at least one minute and then she let go of my cock and stepped back. She looked over at Debbie and said “I don’t know what it is that you think I should see.” Debbie told Sara “Look at their size, they really don’t fit with the size of his cock now do they.”

Taking hold of my cock again Sara looked closely at my testicles once more. “You know you’re right. They are big! Interesting, and he shaves them.” “Yep” Debbie said “That is one thing that I like about him sexually. He can sure ejaculate the sperm. He is like a porn star in that respect. And, he lasts too, not one of those premature ejaculators I hear about so often.” “Fascinating” Sara said “Who’d of thought that would be the case with him. Too bad I’m on duty, I’d sure like to see how much sperm he ejaculates.”


At that point Sara got a call from her dispatcher that it was time for her lunch break. She told Debbie “Now no more speeding for tonight okay. And let me give you some friendly advice. Keep Mark if you love him, but you need to find a man with a real cock. Mark can take it, he is definitely cuckold material, and you are definitely a cuckoldress. Now go to your motel room and play with that man sized cock and discover what a REAL cock feels like. Then you will learn, then you will know what to do.” Then the beautiful Sara, that sexy cop got in her car and drove off.

“Come on, lets go. I’ve got to get this big thing in me. I’ve got to know what it feels like to have a real cock in me.” Debbie obviously was still in the mood to tease me. So what was I to do, I had no choice but to go along. I know I have a small cock. I know that it just won’t please a woman, especially one that is as beautiful as Debbie is, or even Sara. At least Debbie did give me one compliment, she did say that she likes my balls, or testicles as she puts it. Come to think of it, she also said that she liked how much I cum too. I don’t know why she likes the clinical terms for these things, ejaculate, sperm, testicles and what not. And yet she likes the crude names for the genitals. Cock, cunt and so forth. I will have to ask her some day why that is, maybe it is because she is a nurse, I don’t know, but I do like it.

This is the day that my wife began to think about her own sexual pleasure, what it would take to please her completely. After using that big dildo she discovered how much she loved the feeling of being “filled.” How much she loved the feeling of having her “cunt” stretched. She didn’t make the decision that day to cuckold me, but after meeting Sara and having that big dildo in her it was inevitable.

This is a true story, I have not lied about myself, my wife Debbie, or the meeting with that very pretty cop Sara. In my next story I will tell you about our first experience of Debbie cuckolding me and what led up to the “event” that changed our lives forever.


but with more to cum…