Written by jecoie-north

29 Oct 2010

I have recently been involved in a fantastic three some plus.

I placed an ad offering to meet a mature couple and do as they wish. A local couple got in touch and we for a drink. Once the atmosphere relaxed Linda started being very flirty, touching and then flashing her fantastic legs. We then went back to their place, Linda then laid out the rules. I was only allowed wank whilst she and Dave had sex. I sat in a chair whilst they stripped each then had sex on the couch, wanked furiously then Linda came and helpedI quickly shot my load she licked it from her hand. I was then told my duties for the next friday. I turned up at their house, I first had to dress my mistress, I had to select her under clothes and stockings and dress, then as a sevant dress her, with out touching her itimatley.

She showed Dave the final result, he approved, then I was allowed to serve then a prepared meal. Through out the meal Dave gave me instuctions on how he wanted Linda prepared for sex later. I had to undress her slowly during the meal, I opened her dress as requested, hooked her bra down so her nipples showedas they firmed Dave licked and sucked them to glorious firmness. Then before dessert I was requested to remove her dress and bra then whist they ate I was told to rub her through her pants, but not to touch the flesh. Linda looked fabulous in pants and holdups.

Again I was allowed to watch and wank off while they had sex in the lounge, once Dave was satisfied Linda again wanked me to climax and licked me clean this time.

Without Dave there I have been allowed to serve Linda and her friend Pauline in the afternoon. Serving them wine whist slowly removing each others clothes and being allowed to watch them whist wanking themn having my cock licked clean.

I have been told that Dave wants another couple to join us soon.

I am just happy to serve