Written by GJ

24 Dec 2004

My 53-year-old wife, Lynn is still as sexy today as she was when we first fucked twenty-five years ago. I am ten years her junior but consider myself very lucky to have a very desirable wife with her 12/14 figure, large 36D boobs and legs that are still the best I have ever seen.

We have recently been up in York staying in a lovely hotel and decided on a little role play. Lynn was dressed in her business suit sitting in the lounge when I came along as the stranger out on the pull and eventually after a lot of flashing and flirting we went back to our room and had an incredible evening acting as two people meeting for the first time.

This role play was so successful when we drove to Nottingham to another first class hotel, we decided to play again. Lynn had enjoyed the drive down the M1 flashing her legs and hairy pussy at two lorry drivers and was well up for it when we arrived.

We both showered and Lynn told me to go off for a drive whilst she got dressed and to meet her in the bar at 3.30pm. I asked her to put her black dress and seamed stockings on and she agreed but she declined to tell me what would be beneath the dress, she said the lucky guy would find out!!

I called her mobile at 3.15 to check if she was in the bar and her response surprised me. ‘Oh darling, so you won’t be here until five o’clock?’ I responded I’ll be there in five minutes but she continued ‘Well OK I am sure I can entertain myself until then’.

As I entered the bar area I could see the back of her head towards the back of the bar and she had company. He looked about thirty and was well dressed. I got my drink from the bar and went and found a seat not far from my wife and behind her new friend. From where I was sitting I could clearly see the dark band at the top of her stockings as she had her legs crossed and her friend was obviously enjoying the view too. His accent was Scottish and my wife was clearly flirting with him laughing at what he was saying and certainly encouraging his attention.

I watched as she uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again forcing her dress even higher and giving him a clear view of her stocking top and a hint of the tanned flesh above. They continued laughing and chatting and he then went to the bar to get another drink. When he left my wife said ‘You were too late, he got here first and he loves older women!’ I asked what that meant and she replied ‘I think he wants to fuck me’. He returned put their drinks on the table and then went off to the toilet. ‘I think he is checking out the toilets, he told me he had fucked a women in the toilets of another hotel last week. I think I may be going in there with him in a few minutes time’ my wife told me. ‘Oh you might, might you?’ ‘Yes, probably’ was her response ‘You know you will enjoy it later and I want him to fuck me, so I am going to have him, you know I like younger men darling’.

He returned soon after and moved to sit alongside Lynn. Within minutes his hand was on my wife’s knee and I watched as she parted her knees inviting him to move his hand higher, and this boy was quick on the take up. He was whispering in her ear as his hand moved between her legs, it was obvious from where I was sitting reading the newspaper, that he had found her wet pussy as her legs parted even more. I was pleased that due to it being only four o’clock the bar was quiet and nobody else was in a position to see what was happening. Lynn began kissing her friend and I knew that my wife was going to fuck this guy soon as her hand sought out his prick. My wife turned to face him and I could see that he was fingering her from the movement of his arm.

They continued to explore each other as I watched, then stopped, looked around the bar as I pretended to be engrossed in my newspaper and slowly stood up. He led my wife towards the toilets, although she never looked in my direction and I watched as his hand was feeling her neat bum as they walked towards the toilet door. I was excited but also a little angry, Lynn had never done anything like this quite so openly before and I could only blame myself for not shagging her as soon as we got to the hotel, I knew she was horny and wanted a fuck but I wanted to prolong the pleasure and now I was losing out.

I watched them disappear through the door and checked my watch, 4.05, it was almost forty minutes later when they emerged and they returned to their table. I left it a few minutes and entered the bar again and walked over to where they were sitting chatting. ‘This is Billy’ she said ‘He has to travel back to Glasgow this evening, he has had a great day, got a new job and he has been chatting to me whilst I waited for you.’ I shook his hand as he stood to greet me and gave my wife a kiss on the cheek. ‘Thanks Billy’ I said ‘Oh no!’ came the reply ‘It has been my pleasure, your lady is lovely company and she is very attractive, you’re a lucky man’. ‘Are you driving back’ I asked ‘No, the train, a taxi is due to pick me up at five o’clock, so I was hoping you’d be here before I left, I didn’t want to leave Lynn alone in the bar, she would not want guys hassling her and looking as sexy as she does I am sure some chancer would try’. With that he stood pecked my wife on the cheek, shook my hand again and said Goodbye.

Lynn sat back down and I said ‘Well I think we need to get upstairs to our room and you need to tell me and show me what he has done.’ As we walked to the lift he squeezed her bum and as my hand traced across her checks to feel for her usual thong, she said ‘Billy took it with him and a load of photos on his phone so that he will remember today for a very long time’.

Inside the room Lynn sat on the bed and pulled two spunk filled condoms from her bag, ‘A third lot went down my throat’ she said ‘that boy knew what he liked and was a heavy spunker’. I pushed her dress up to see her hairy cunt and her lips were wide pouting at me, I dropped to me knees to lick her but it was an unusual taste of rubber and her juice that I did not enjoy for too long.

She started to tell me that as soon as she went in the bar he noticed her seamed stockings and was alongside her offering to buy her a drink, he told her he had had an interview at the hotel and got a new job so was celebrating but did not want to do it alone. She sipped her drink and suggested they sit down and Billy was happy to follow her enjoying the view of her legs. When Lynn sat down Billy made sure he sat opposite and was able to get a great view as she crossed and uncrossed her legs and knowing he was looking she said she teased him by opening her knees a little more each time until she knew her dress had ridden up sufficiently to reveal not only her stocking tops but her lacy thong.

Lynn said the conversation soon turned to sex, he told her how much he enjoyed experienced ladies and that his prick was getting hard as he enjoyed her legs. Lynn said she liked young hard cocks and that he would need to act fast because I was due to meet her at five o’clock. Billy took this to be the green light and told her how he had fucked his bosses wife in the toilets at a company dinner the week before, he told her that the mature ladies liked his thick cock to fill them and my wife replied that she liked that too.

I climbed onto the bed and parting her knees wide lifted her ankles onto my shoulders and began to fuck her as she told me about their encounter in the toilets. Immediately they got into the ladies he led her into a cubicle and she sat on the seat unzipped his trousers and released his big thick cock, she said he was not exaggerating when he told her it was thick but that it was also reasonably long. She said she sucked his cock as he felt her tits then pulled her up kissed her hard as he forced three fingers up her cunt before turning her round asking her to bend over and slipping a condom onto his hard cock. She said it felt huge as he slid into her and began fucking her hard and fast, he didn’t last too long before shooting his load into the condom. Lynn then sucked some more as he again fingered her before he put on another condom and she lowered herself over his rigid cock as he sat on the loo. She said this second fuck was fantastic, he made her come and come before he again let his load fill another condom.

Billy was hard again within minutes and was keen to have Lynn bent over again and she does like this position, he lasted even longer this time and she managed to come again before he pulled out took off the condom and she wanked and sucked him until he came in her mouth. I came as she told me her story and she then began to suck me saying that she still wanted more despite saying her cunt felt a little tender.

Her mobile rang about an hour later and it was Billy saying he could not believe she had brazenly introduced him to me, Lynn said I am telling him the full story now as we fuck and he wishes he had been able to watch you shag me, Billy said he was up for a repeat. Our young scots friend may be visiting soon!!