Written by Nero and a fantasy

14 Aug 2004

I watched her walk back into the bedroom. Tall and slim, well muscled and firm body,long black hair, dark nipples, firm breasts. She glanced at me with her dark eyes but said nothing. The guy followed her onto the bed. He was also naked. Well muscled and fit. His hands on my wifes body. His cock was swollen and very large, about 10 inches and thick too. Her manicured fingers stroked the tip of it. She began to suck it, her eyes turning towards me. He was kneeling on the bed hips thrust forwards. She was on all fours. I tried to get more comfortable but couldnt move. The ropes binding me to the chair held me tight. Chafing against my bare skin. My own cock felt so hard as it throbbed. My balls ached. I hadnt cum in over a week. I wondered as she continued sucking his cock whether she would let me. Or would I even be able to prevent myself from cumming anyway. She pushed him over and got on top of him. Her back was towards me. She held his erect member as she sank slowly down onto the thick shaft. I watched it stretching her pussy wide. She began riding him so I continued to get a good view of her enjoying his big cock inside her. And once again she began to moan and buck faster and I knew that she was about to have another orgasm. The smell of sex was heavy in the air. Her body and his dripped with sweat. She moaned aloud and I yearned to be in his place fucking her. She collapsed but although she had been satisfied he was not finished with her. He pulled her over and pulled her legs up and began screwing her again. Pumping in and out. Long hard strokes getting faster. Again she began to moan. Her nails raking his back. His thrusts got quicker and she suddenly shouted, "Fill me up, Fucking Fill Me Up!" And began bucking underneath as he obviously shot his load inside her. And collapsed ontop of her. "Before you go, untie him from the chair. But leave his legs and hands tied." She told the man. He did as he was bid, his sweaty body against me, his cock still wet. "Get on the floor." My wife said and so I knelt down clumsilly. She held her pussy with one hand and swung her long legs of the bed and stood infront of me. She moved her feet apart and I looked up at her standing over me. "Well Honey did you like the show? My pussy has been really well fucked. Want to see whats inside her?" "Yes" I said. "How badly?" "I really want to. Do anything Darling." "Stay still then. No trying to touch me yet." She commanded. My wife took away her hand and I stared at her shaven pussy. The lips were wet and swollen and there was a long bead of spunky juice there which grew bigger untill with a gush a flow of white spunk dripped onto the wooden floor. Now there was a large pool of liquid infront of me. She took a handful of my hair and pulled my face down to it and told me to lick it up. I stuck out my tongue anfd tasted the mess. salty and sexy. "Stop fucking playing with it and lick it off my floor." I did. Swallowing the goo down. "Good" She said. She sat back on the bed her legs apart. "Come here." I moved closer. " Here is your reward." She took hold of my hair again and pulled my face to her sticky pussy. I began to lick her out. Sucking the juices until she grabbed my head with both hands and ground her self over my face till she came once more. It was a blessed relief when she untied my arms and legs. Though my balls still ached and my cock twitched up and down. She saw this and with her open hand slapped the end of my cock hard. But this would not prevent my continued state of arousal. She hit it again. The slap stung. She grabbed it hard and squeezed it and with her other hand gripped my balls and squeezed them too. "These belong to me, remember. So no playing with yourself." "Please.." I begged. It had been so long. "Ok then." She lay back and I knelt straddling her and began to wank as I stared at her firms tits and the pictures of the huge cock screwing her moments earlier flickered across my mind. Suddenly I felt my own orgasm and shot my cum all over her breast and stomach. "Now clean it off me Darling." She said.