Written by ell

2 Nov 2004

ever since having sex with my best friends husband i have been eager for more sex with more men. up until recently this was restricted to a couple of quick fucks in cars after nights out with my friends exciting but not what i wanted. all has changed now since me and chris my husband who i recently let back into my bed spent a weekend away together. as i sucked him on arriving at our hotel i told him i wanted to act out my fantasy but first i wanted to know his. even after 15 years together i had never broached this subject before which is why probably i lusted after my best friends hubby. he told me he wanted to watch me fuck a young well endowed guy and maybee join in, but had never dared mention this to me. well lucky boy that was an easy one. i said yes but tommorrow was my turn. after sucking him until he almost came i got up to shower rotten bitch i can be although im sure he finished the job off as i soaped my body and played with my pussy imagining a big cock in me as he watched. that night we visited a club and i flirted with as many younger guys as i could i could tell chris ws jealous and was struggling to watch me as i teased and occasionally stroked these guys. i managed to stroke about 15 cocks trying to find the biggest one for my treat. as the drink flowed and the night drew to a close i picked on a tall dark and handsome guy called shaun and from what i had felt a most large weapon lay hidden behind his tight trousers. i told him what i wanted and showed him chris who by now looked very meek but at the same time i could tell he was turned on just afraid to show it. we all took a taxi to the hotel as we did i unziped shauns trousers and released his 10inch thick and very hard cock. i wanked him slowly but in a way that chris could see this much larger cock. i leant back with my other hand and as i guessed chris was very hard if much smaller. the taxi driver was enjoying the view as he seemed to be driving very slowly. to help him i opened my legs to show him my by now knickerless pussy having slipped them off before leaving the club. both shaun and chris were stroking my thighs moving closer to my pussy i was almost coming to be receiving so much attention. as the taxi pulled up outside the hotel i smiled to the taxi driver who told us no charge for the fare he had enjoyed the ride. i kissed him on the cheek as i got out and stroked his cock he was very hard and i imagined him stopping off for a wank.

we went up to the hotel and soon i was naked on all fours sucking on shauns massive tool chris was sat on the side of the bed cock in hand wanking slowly but even slowly i knew it would not be long before he came all over his hand or even better my ass. unlike chris shaun seemed to last for ages as i sucked his mouth and then he entered me and fucked me so deep and hard that i came and came before he got ready to come. i so wanted to swallow his come as i never do this and he had given me so much pleasure i had to do it especially in front of chris who by now had come but like a good boy had started to lick my pussy. as shaun exploded in my mouth i held him in tight to allow me to swallow all of his come, i expected him to go soft but he didnt and he got behind me telling chris to move he then entered me from behind and fucked me harder and deeper than ever before as chris placed his small soft cock in my mouth. watching shaun and having me suck his cock got chris hard again but within seconds i could feel him come. no way was i swallowing his pathetic amount of come so i made him come over my tits and made him suck them clean. he did as shaun continued to bring me to more orgasms, he then exploded deep into my pussy. i wanted more but he said he had to leave god i wanted to sleep with him and have him wake me up fucking me but it was not to be. chris loved me fucking him but did not know that shaun slipped his number in my purse as he left and we will meet again on our own. as for our second night and my fantasy well you will have to wait but i got to have 2 guys while chris was sat tied up in the chair i am nasty at times but i love it see ya.