Written by GARY

31 Oct 2003

Marie and Pat are a married couple in their 30's and are two of my best friends and I can't tell you how guilty I feel after a weekend a few months ago. Friday night is drink night where I let my hair down have a few beers and see if I get lucky and here I was at the end of the night sitting on my bed drinking tea with my drunk friend Marie. Marie had been out with her mates and had left Pat at home babysitting their two kids and we had bumped into each other in the night club and innocently agreed to share a cab home. Marie looked at me and said with a slight slurring "He's so bloody boring at times, all he wants to do is stay at home and I need more than that." Although drunk I didn't agree or disagree as that would have been taking sides between my two friends when slowly she leant forward and slowly kissed me on the lips. I didn't kiss back as I was unsure what to do and Marie stood up and walked towards the window where she removed her blouse and turned to look at me with her bra still on. Whilst we had flirted in the past and there had been some sexual tension between us it had never gone this far as Pat had always been close by. My friend Marie is an average looking woman carrying a few pounds after having children and this is the first time that I'd noticed how nice her breasts are. "Mmm I can see you want me to continue undressing" Marie giggled as she pointed towards my erect cock straining my trousers. "Take your trousers off to make us more equal" she said, and slowly I pulled my trousers down along with my socks and I lay back with just my t-shirt and cock strained boxer shorts on. Marie's hands went behind her back and she giggled again as her bra fell to the floor and her large breasts wobbled free and I instinctively took off my t-shirt to leave us both in just out lower underwear. Marie got onto the bed next to me and we lay there for a moment looking at each other "We can stop here and say no more if you want" I said, "I know" said Marie "but this is so exciting for me lying here half naked with you, seeing your bits and you seeing mine after we've been friends for so long, and he bores me in bed anyway!!" Marie leant forward again and kissed me on the chest and one of her hands came forwards and grasped my penis in my shorts and made a wanking movement. I couldn't resist any longer and I too leant forward and squeezed her right breast, which whilst being large and soft was not drooping yet. Slowly Marie traced kisses down my abdomen until she reached my waistband when she quickly smiled back at me before pushing my boxer shorts down allowing my stiff cock to spring up "Yes" she said "I'd hoped it would be uncircumcised" as she briefly went on to explain that Pat was a "roundhead" and mine was the only other cock she'd seen sexually having been with Pat since her teens. "He doesn't like oral sex either, says its unhygenic" Marie muttered before taking my cock into her mouth. Rythmically she moved her mouth up and down and I could feel my foreskin stretching and sliding up and down my glans whilst her tongue licked around my sensitive slit at the end. I realised that we had past the point of no return so I put two fingers from each hand into the elastic waistband of her panties and drew them over and down her womanly hips and off to now leave us both stark naked. Without a word and still sucking on my cock Marie shuffled across the bed and in one movement straddled my head with her open legs. I raised my hands and using my thumbs pulled my friend's womanhood open and although she is my friend I enjoyed the view of her pink insides. My tongue entered her vagina in a darting motion and I could hear approving groans coming from Marie. I couldn't believe what was happening as here I was having my cock sucked by one of my best friends, who is married to another one of my best friends, and I had my tongue deep inside her fanny which left my nose pressed against her bum hole and my eyes having a good look up into her most intimate areas. I knew that I was close to coming so I decided to be brave and I allowed my licking range to lengthen to licking around her anus which I'd never ever done before "Now Pat would say that is unhygenic" giggled Marie "but I say carry on" which I naturally did. Suddenly that feeling came as I felt myself ejaculate into her mouth. As Marie hadn't come I continued licking at her clitoris until she orgasmed.

I woke next morning with Marie next to me "I've phoned Pat and told him that I stayed at Jackie's" she said as we both lay next to each other embarrassed and guilty at what we'd done.