Written by Joanne

24 Aug 2005

For years I had always wanted to experience group fucking but was always weiry my husband would freak out at the suggestion.

We were at a party once and he got really drunk and very horny. We decided to go inside the house to find somewhere to get dirty, when we walked into the den and although dark, realised there were others there.

Apologising we were backing out when I heard the deep "no don't go, we've just got started" from one of the guys we had been introduced to earlier.

I thought my husband would just grab me out of there, but he pushed me forward and said "hey Joanne, see what he wants"

I felt awkward, nervous, embarrassed and soaking wet all at once. Wishing a had downed my last glass of wine.

We could soon make out who was who in the dark room.

He had his pant down and a gorgeous young girl I had noticed (and hated for her sex appeal)had his cock in her hand.

Her hair was all over the show and her tight top was pulled up above her tits.

He looked at my husband and asked "you ever done this before"

And I could not believe my ears when he replied "yeah we have been swingers for years now"

The other guy introduced himself as Bobby and pulled my arm towards him and started fondling my breats through my shirt as he started kissing me.

I was aware of the sex bomb wanking him and rubbing her hand over my ass.

I was very nervous wondering what the hell my husband was gonna do when he came to his senses. Probably call me a slut and say it was all my fault.

But to my shock I saw him undoing his jeans and wanking himself right next to her face and she turned and took his entire cock into her mouth.

My shirt had been taken off by now and Bobby had roughly grabbed my breast and was sucking so hard on my nipple that I could feel the sensation in my fanny.

I started rocking back and forth and frantically taking my tight black pants off. I almost lost my balance and had to back away to get them over my feet and off.

When I turned back to resume my rightful place I could not believe my eyes.

My husband was on his knees sucking Bobby's cock back and forward and grunting in absolute passion and he was doing so. I never imagined he would ever have done something like that, no matter how drunk.

The sexbomb (I never did find out her name) was sucking on his balls and kissing my husband and sucking Bobby's cock with him.

I stood squeezing my nipples aching for Bobby's hard sucking on them, when he turned and pulled me to him again.

He started kissing me again and very very gently pumping a single finger in and out my fanny.

It was so gentle and soft, but so erotic that I could actually hear the squelching of my fanny juice and he pumped in and out.

He pulled my husbands head up and started kissing us one then the other and the gorgeous bombshell went to work on my fanny with her amazing rock hard tongue.

She had pushed me back onto a desk by now and was literally eating my fanny as I pushed her head deeper into me.

I looked over to see what the two men were doing and saw that Bobby was pulling on a condom while still kissing my husband.

I pulled my husband over to me and guided his mouth to my nipple and grunted under my breath "suck it hard".

He obliged and I could not stand the intesity anymore and rammed by hips up into the bombshell's jaw as she sucked hard on my clit - and I came and came and came in screaming shudders over and over and again.

Neither had stopped sucking and I could not believe that I was able to orgasm again and again with the sucking without getting that tender tingly feeling where you cannot continue.

The both pulled away from me and I lay there groaning aware that my husband was rocking back and forth as Bobby drove his huge cock into his ass. My god was this really happening.

Now that I had come, the reality of what had happened and was still taking place hit me, but all of a sudden that golden haired bomb shell was pulling my head towards her fanny and whispered through her panting "time to eat my fanny, baby"

In a fleeting split second I wondered how I would do it, seeing as I had never done it before, but my own fanny had started to throb and swell up again and it was almost second nature as I started my work on her soaked fanny.

I drove two finger into her under my mouth and I pumped hard in and out as I sucked gently on her clit.

Then I decided to show her how much I knew.....and turned them around so as my fingers where hooked deep inside behind her clit.

I started a rhthym and sucked harder and felt someone coming up under my ass which was in the air now and start that amazing exploring suck, prod motion around my fanny. I wondered who it was? Bobby or my husband.

I pumped my fingers really hard and fast and had her fanny in my mouth sucking, sucking.

She screamed and pulled at my hair, almost breaking my jaw against her fanny as she pushed me in harder.

She screamed out things like "you dirty whore, suck me, fuck me, harder,suck harder, deeper, yes you dirty bitch, fuck me" until she came in jerking shudders all the while pushing my face into her fanny.

When she finally stopped rocking and I pulled my face up I was so drenched that even my hair was all matted as if I had been sprayed with water.

I now realised Bobby was the one munching away at my fanny, and I leaned back to watch him eat me as my husband rammed his cock into the bombshell's asshole.

The weird thing was that as I was having my fanny eaten and he was pounding this total stranger's asshole.......we both came together at the end.

We awkwardly started mumbling thanks and grabbing at our clothes when Bobby asked my husband if he could ring us sometime.

To my surprise my husband happily gave him our phone number.

We never saw the bombshell again, but two years on, Bobby comes to our house at least twice a week. Sometimes alone, sometimes with a mate, sometimes with another lady friend.