Written by Steve & Aud

11 Jan 2004

I am not in the first flush of youth so imagine my surprise at fucking my wife's mother yesterday!

My wife, Sue is 45 and her mother is 69 (good number for sex!). Well yesterday Sue's mum came to stay over. We all had the normal quota of wine in the evening and Sue fell asleep on the sofa. I decided to go to bed and left Sue's mum watching TV. I guess I had been asleep a few minutes when someone got into bed with me. I always sleep naked so the next thing I know someone has started to feel my cock!

I put my arms around Sue, only to discover that it was her mum. She had taken all her clothes off and got into bed with me. I knew she hadn't had cock for a while so I let her carry on rubbing her hand up and down the shaft of my cock - it felt good knowing that someone wanted cock desperately and I was only too pleased to let her have it. She was a good stroker and it really got me going when she cupped my balls in her other hand and started tickling them.

All of this time I pretended to be half asleep.

I'm not sure she wanted a fuck - I think she wanted to feel and taste cock. After getting me stiff she took my cock into her wet mouth and started to lick it and suck it - I think she may have stopped there but by this time I wanted to fuck her! I wanted to stick it up her cunt and finish by coming up her arse - after all she had woken me up and had got what she wanted by feeling and sucking my cock.

I rolled her onto her back and squeezed her tits hard - she gave a little groan but that was the only noise of the session. She may well have regretted starting it but now I was determined to stick it in her. I pulled her legs apart and started fingering her cunt - her pubic hair was really soft. She tried to kiss me but I put my hand over her mouth and then pushed my cock up her cunt. It was really tight and I went up and down on her as hard as I could.

After a while I could tell she was enjoying it... I pulled my cock out of her cunt and turned her over. Then I wet my finger in my mouth and stuck it up her arse. I'm not sure she was too keen but she let me do it, and then she let me put my cock up her arse. Let me tell you I came bucket loads - it squelched out of her arsehole all over the bed - I rubbed my fingers in it and then smeared it over her mouth.

I then went back to pretending to sleep - she got out of bed and went away. The next morning nothing was mentioned but if I get the chance I'll fuck the old slag again..or any other 60 pluses come to that!