26 Feb 2018

This past weekend I awoke after having been on a long distance flight, recalling a dream I just went through. You know the kind you have to "check your pants"... I have often fantasized about my dear wife having torrid sex with someone I know and strangers but we have never really even discussed these dreams and fantasies. The dream I had was so real I had to check to make sure it was a dream.

My wife a beautiful and fit blonde in her 40s from Scandinavia keeps her fantasies to herself. No matter how I try to coax them from her they just do not come out. Perhaps this leads to my dreams of seeing her come out and show that sexual animal she is.

My dream was one whereas I was coming home and heard some noise in the bedroom. I slowly ventured across the house looking into the bedroom where I noticed the sheets were quite unkept and well it looked like the morning after a party. The sound was my wife looking for some fresh clothes as she did just enjoy a girls weekend alone in the house. We began chatting and she eventually blirted out that something happened.

Giving me all the details at my request she told me they went out on town, met some nice guys in their 30s, danced, had some drinks and well they came back to the house with them. One male took special notice of her (my wife) and began caressing her neck and shoulders. As the night came to a close she wandered toward the bedroom where he positioned himself in front of her kissing her neck and slowly taking down her top exposing her breasts where he began kissing them and she grabbing for his crotch. He continued moving down her chest to her stomach removing all in its way. Pushing her down to the bed, he pulls off his shirt and pants pulling out his large cock. He aggressively goes down on her, she grabs his head pushing him into her crotch and drives her to an orgasm. He then stands up and she guides his cock into her and grabs her hips bringing them up toward his stomach. He begins driving harder and harder, she puts her arms around his neck as he almost violently fucks her to exhaustion.

Their sounds of fucking can be heard across the house until he finally lifts her legs over his shoulders and drives harder yet and announces he is cumming. He blows his seed deep into her and they finally collapse into each other. She quickly runs to the bathroom in shock and he follows behind. His cock is erect again. In front of the big mirror he drives right into her from behind, grabbing her breasts as he fucks her and again spilling his seed deep inside her.

The night ends and he packs up and leaves. Conversation with the other guests was odd as she knows they heard everything.