Written by Ian

7 Apr 2004

My wife and I moved into a new area (Batley, West Yorks) in February and have settled in quite well. I took last Thursday off for a delivery of furniture, which arrived before nine, so i decided to jump into the shower and then have a day doing nothing. I am early thirties and been a horny bastard since i can remember.

When I got out of the shower my cock was semi hard, so i started drying myself, rubbing my cock making it get even harder. I tried to wrap the towel around my waist,pushing my 7 1/2" ins of hard cock down. I walked into the landing area to find that the window cleaner, Jim, was cleaning the landing window. The knowing smile on his face told me that he had seen me rubbing my cock. I smiled back at him at him.

'Thought you were gonna rub it off' Jim said laughingly

I just laughed and went downstairs to make a coffee. A knock on the door, and it was Jim,asking if he could have a bucket of water.

I said 'Yeah, come into the kitchen and do you want a coffee?'

We made polite conversation while I made the coffee and he filled his bucket.I still had a semi hard on and could see that he kept glancing at it. I had never been attrached to a man before and had never thought i would be.

I turned around with a cup of coffe in each hand at which the towel decided to drop to the floor leaving me totally naked with a semi hard on. Jim sat there and looked at me for what seemed like hours.

'Need an hand with that' he asked

'Yeah, I could do with one' wa my responce.

At that he grabbed my cock and started to rub it. I was shocked, as I thought he was talking about the towel and the cups in my hands. I placed them down and let him continue to feel my cock. I pulled away and headed upstairs, he followed. We stood in my bedroom, me totally naked with a hard on and Jim fully dressed. He was in his early fifties but very good looking with a strong muscular body, hairy chest and when he dropped his jeans I saw his thick cock. It was about 9" and very thick. We started to kiss and feel each others bodies. Him wanking me and me finding his hole. He laid on the bed and wanked his thick meat slowly. I lay at the side of him.I leant forward and opened my mouth and took his purple helmet in my mouth. I did not think I would get it in my mouth as it was that thick. I started to suck and lick his cock while wanking it. I licked his balls and lifted his legs and spread his cheeks apart. His puckered hole was ready to receive my tongue. I have never rimmed a woman, so this was a new experience for me. His whole body went hard as I licked him. Jim said he was about to come, so I put my mouth over his purple helmet again and started to suck and lick him. A hot spurt of cum went to the back of my throatand more followed. I thought he was never going to stop cumming. I had a mouthful of cum. Jim grabbed hold of my face and started to kiss me, forcing his tongue into my cum filled mouth. He emptied my mouth of his cum, whch he swallowed.

He then knelt on the floor and started to suck my cock with expertise that within a few minutes I came in his mouth which he swallowed as well. I got my camera out and asked if he would mind me taking a few snaps for future wanks. He then got up on his knees and pulled his cheeks apart to show his moist puckered hole,I snapped away, taking snaps of us both sucking each other, cumming in his mouth and of his perfect cock and purple helmet. He sucked me again and I shot my loads onto his chest, which I licked from him.

He asked, before he left, if we might do this again in the future... I might, i am not quite sure....................

................but Guess who has booked this Thursday off