Written by Cuckold small dick

20 Aug 2006

On Friday I received my wish from my beautiful fiancee',For months she has been slowly transforming me from this guy who thought he was superstud to a small cocked do as your told wimp,she tells me she loves me and adores me but She also says I don't satisfy her my dick is smaller than her ex husbands and that i am only good for wanking,I am now very good at washing cooking cleaning and licking pussy as that is the only way I am allowed to satisfy her and that is not often but although this is hurtful I get very aroused and she takes full advantage.

We had talked for some months about a freind of mine who lives in London named Clive who at some of our freinds parties has shown a lot of interest in her and flirts with her openly in front of his own wife,I was ordered to ring Clive and tell him that Claire wants to meet him,and to arrange a hotel ,Evidently Claire had been speaking to Clives wife at one of these doo's and she had remarked on how big Clives cock was hence she needed to try this out,I did as I was told rang Clive and he jumped at the chance of seeing Claire.

Claire is 5/6 tall size 8 Blue eyed Blond and looks like the school techer you would adore looks like an Angel and butter would not melt in her mouth.I was not alllowed to have sex with her or wank off 10 days before ,we drove the long distance from Deavon to London and I was given my orders to Pick Clive up and bring him to the hotel,I dropped her at the room with her Lingerie bag and was told not to come back till she texted,I met Clive and picked him up he was genuinly nervous he said he didn't understand I explained I had become a Cukold to my beautiful Mistress he new what cuckold mean't and then he new he was in the driving seat ,the text arrived and we drove the ten minutes to the hotel telling me he had waited for a chance like this with Claire but could never see this ever happening he told me he was going to make love to her and show her a real man.

Clive told me to carry his travel bag into the room which I did he told me I could video them but no face shots plenty of cock in her pussy though so she could remember how big it was. when we entered the room Claire was in the bathroom,the lights where low the curtains drawn I opened a bottle of wine and Clive and I started talking about Cuckolds knowing there place,he was letting me know that I would be punished if I interrrupted there session and i would be restrained if neccassary I was taken back by this as Clive was now clearly getting into the role.

The bathroom door opened and Claire stood there Her Blond tresses up on her head her school mistress glasses a black rear laced victorian basque metal buckled suspender clasps attached to lace top micro fishnet stockings sheer black see through G string panties which whiles't she was changing had shaved her pussy completley bald,She had twin buckled six inch black patent stilletos on oh my god this was a dream come true I sat with a hard on thinking why can't I have her and satisfy her,by the end of afternoon I new why,she walked in sat on the end of the double bed looked Clive in the eye ,Clive just sat there with his jaw wide opened somewhat stunned but managed to stammer out how fantastic she looked,Clive got up walked past her and went to the bathroom, Claire said to me did she look ok I said amazing she said she was nervous as she had never bedded a married guy before let alone someones husband we new ,she told me she expected me to drink the whole bottle of wine and that when she asked for anything I was to do so without question or I will be punished I told het Clive was ok with me filming but no face shots ,she said if I got in the way or broke there concentration I would be punished.

Clive came out of the bathroom he had taken his clothes off and was standing in his boxer shorts he had abs and shape that had long passed me and the lump in his shorts flaccid put me to shame,he walked over to the bed and sat with Claire her hands stroked his body and pushed him back on the bed I took off my trousers and rubbed my small cock through my boxers,I asked if I could take a still shot I was told to shut and drink my glass of wine down in one because I had interuptted them,gulp it was gone and refilled,I took my pictures as and when I was allowed she slowly removed his boxers and all the rumors were true it was at least three times as long as mine twice as thick no exageration Claire teased the end of the tip then slowly sucked his length he aarched his body as she slid up and down its length with her hot mouth after about five minutes of this slow hard suck process he began to buck she sensed this and pulled away she didn't want him coming just yet he was ridgid and his tip glistned she slowly sat over him rubbing off against his huge prick her nylon panties giving herself friction against her clit she and him were moaning like hell he slowly lowered his mouth from hers and took her pert breast in his mouth sucking gently and slowly turned her on his back kissing down to her panties,by this time I had drank half the bottle of wine and had my video camera going filming evry touch he mouthed over her panties slowly pulling them aside inserting not one but two fingers into her glistening pussy whilst licking her clit ,there seemed no rush he was in complete control of her body I shined the vido camera light in her face she opened her eyes with a big smile and said he finger fucks better than you and licks with more skill than you go now and drink your drink I did as I was told he looked away from her pussy at me wanking my cock and commented how small it was .Her moans got louder and that shaking she does before she comes started the moans and the loud sighs, Clive had made her come quicker than I ever had he slowly pulled away pulled her panties further over and told me to film it ,I moved closer it was swollen and leaking juice they both orderd me to taste it, it tasted sweet and was very sticky,I was then ordered to drink my glass of wine down in one once more which I did ,I was now 3 parts to the wind and started in my head self talk.Clive climbed between Claires legs I new it was safe as Claire still had her panties on and I new she would never do him bare back I had brought along at least five condoms and I was ready to hand one over when I heard them both gasp the Bastard had managed to worm his unprotected cock into her bare pussy ,what could I do I just picked up my video camera and started filming oh my god he was massive she hung on evry thrust there mouths were inseparable there bodies locked together .This is what Claire had wanted and manouvered me into her cuckold man Clive called me over to the front of him and she said out loud Tell Him! he groaned I am going to come in you fiancee' I going into come in her right Now with that he gave a massive groan his pace quickened ,I moved quickley to her entrance where his massive cock was giving Claire the satisfaction she craved there was frenzied movement as his balls tightned and shot his full fertile seed into Claires unprotected pussy bareback,the movement stopped there they lay in each others arms resting and slowly he retreated and pulled out his cock a cream pie appeared at her entrance Claire placed her finger in it and scooped up his fertile come and licked her finger she looked amazing.I was ordered to give the Video camera to Clive and I was told to lay on the floor she stepped from the bed stood over me and Clives spunk dripped slowly from her pussy on to my face then she squatted down and ordered me to clean her out I couldn't lick her deep enough she pushed doen hard on my tonuge I wanked my small cock hard squirting the small amount of spunk and was told by the pair of them how pathetic it was. Claire was more open that I had ever seen or felt it was an amazing experience .I had read about cream pies but never imaginrd Claire would ever give me the pleasure of one so full and it is all on Film for her to Humiliate me daily if she so desires.there is more to come of that day so if you want more please keep an \eye out for part two and I will tell you what they did next all these events are completley true and I have told Clive about the site and I hope he will read it and just maybe put in his words form his perspective how it all felt.