Written by Johns Slut

11 Sep 2005

This is my story of painful love…

I was 27 years of age and with a guy I loved dearly….we had been together a couple of years previous for a few months but it hadn’t worked out but here we were again giving it another go. We had had a few drinks in my local bar and admittedly I was quite merry…its not like me to drink vodka as it effects me to the point of losing my ability to think clearly within a short period of time but we didn’t go out till late and I had a desire to get as drunk as possible so vodka was the obvious choice.

We walked home my nipples hard and stinging with the cold night’s air, my pussy lips tingling as the breeze blew under my skirt catching my uncovered cunt and we discussed fantasies….

I told him I recently read an erotic story on the internet and how it had turned me on, it was a story about domination, about a woman who was tied up spanked caned and used by her partner in a public place… he asked if it was something I thought I would enjoy…I told him I enjoyed reading about it happening to someone else… but I didn’t think I could handle that much pain but it aroused me immensely…he didn’t really say much more just left my comment as the end of discussion.

Upon returning home we went to bed and had wonderful sex he took me so many ways I lost count. His thrusts were powerful, he penetrated me so deep I though he was going to enter my womb. Our fantasies discussion had us both in a high state of arousal and he rolled me over and took my ass with incredible force pounding into me like I was a cheep whore….the pleasure and pain was intense my mind was blurred with passion (and vodka) I came with such force that I just flopped into the pillow exhausted.

He rose to go to the bath room and I started to drift off into sleep with a smile on my face like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland….I heard him re enter the room and climb onto the bed he whispered into my ear ….I LOVE YOU PRINCESS….NEVER FORGET THAT…and as I smiled and was about to return his declaration of love I felt a burning sensation across my ass cheeks… THWACK… THWACK… THWACK.

My ass felt like it was on fire n a tear rolled down my cheek still dazed with the desire to sleep and a vodka buzz I was unsure where this pain had come from then I heard a swishing sound a split second before another TWACK… and fire burned across my naked ass once more. I started to come to my senses and realised it was him…he had picked up his belt on return from the bathroom and was striking it across my tender behind.

My body ached in pain…my mind filled with confusion and my clit throbbed with a desire I’ve never felt before….I never got past the pain… it hurt like hell the entire time but I did come to appreciate it…it made me realise the pleasure he had given me earlier in the evening was immense….you truly appreciate pleasure when you know pain!

I suppose how can u know if something is hot if you don’t know what cold is….how can you know black if you don’t know white??.... It’s about needing to understand and experience both pleasure and pain to really appreciate each in its own right….

This man is now my master…I recently gave myself to him in my entirety to be used by him and others as he sees fit…to train me to be both a lady and a whore…to punish me for misbehaviour and to reward me for good behaviour….I cant wait to experience another night like the one I have just described and wish to end this tale with a declaration…….


Thanks for reading this…..hope you enjoyed it

Love Johns_slut J x