Written by Converted

4 Sep 2003

A few years ago my wife found out about an affair I was having, it wasnt love or anything just sex and the excitement of a different body and sex in exciting places. All hell broke loose when she found out but we managed to talk it through and she stayed with me. It was difficult at first and I was cross examined all the time but eventually we got back to some sort of normality, but every now and then she would dwell on it and it would lead to rows. This went on for a couple of years and just when I thought it had been left in the past she would bring it up again, it wouldnt last and our relationship apart from these occasional rows was almost back to normal but when the rows came they were quite awful. I started to think how I would have reacted and suprised myself by thinking that I wouldnt be really upset if it was just a physical thing and the more I thought about it I actually was a little turned on by the idea, it was then I came up with the idead that if she had someone else then she would fully understand that sex has nothing to do with love sometimes. A few months went by and although I occasionally thought about it to all intents and purposes the idea lay dormant. A mutual friend who had been married to my wifes friend called to sy he was in the area and asked could he stop over, he had stayed quite a few times before and was good company so it was not a problem. He arrived a couple of days later and Pauline prepared a meal. We had our meal and in the process saw off three bottles of wine with dinner and the atmosphere was very light hearted with the usual banter taking place. we finished our meal and decided to go to our local for a drink, the pub was quite busy but we managed to find a seat in the corner of the lounge bar, we were huddled together with John and I either side of Pauline. Pauline made a comment about feeling like the filling on a sandwich to which John John said it was the tastiest sandwich he had seen. We laughed it off but it started me thinking about Pauline and another man and the mre I thought the more it excited me. Pauline went off to the toilet and while she was gone I asked John what he thought of her he replied that she was one of his oldest and best friends and then I said I meant in a sexual way he looked puzzled and then I told him about the way our relationship was and that she tried to but couldnt completely forgive my affair. I then told him that I thought if she went with someone else then perhaps things would be completely back to the way it was. I told him it would really help and I would not have a problem and it was a one off but she must never know that I know this way she could enjoy sex with someone else and then she would realise that it had nothing to do with me and her. he said he wasnt sure if he could knowing her so well as a friend I said it wasnt a problem butif he decided he wanted to then I would go to bed and leave them, I said I would ask if he wanted anything else and if he did then he would say that he would love another and then I would go to bed out of the way.

We got back to the house and Pauline went to get us another drink, Itook the armchair which meant that they would both be on the sofa after we had finished the drink I asked the arranged question and my heart jumped when John answered I would love another, I poured them both a drink and then announced it was time for my bed Pauline looked suprised and said she wouldnt of had another if she had known I was going to bed but I told her not to worry and keep John company.

I went upstairs as if I was floating by the time I reached the top I had an erection which was straining against my jeans, I quickly undressed and slipped into bed my imagination running wild. I lay ther unable to sleep and aftrer about half an hour I crept quietly back down stairs and stood in the darkened hallway into the lounge through the partly opened door I almost fell when I looked at the sofa and saw the back of John with Paulines Legs on his shoulders as he pumped into her she was pulling his head into her tits and I could hear him sucking on them as she moaned as he fucked her. He was deep in her and I wondered how she felt having played badminton with him often and showered with him I knew he was certainly well endowed and she must have his full eight inches deep in her. I watched as his arse cheeks tensed and guessed he was cumming she responded by forcing herself into him and she came also as her orgasm subsided and she started to come round I crept back to bed my cock aching in my hand.

About ten minutes later I heard her coming up the stairs and I feigned sleep, through half closed eyes I watched as she undressed and slipped into bed. I rolled around and spooned her and took hold of her breasts her nipples were still hard and she moaned slightly as I tweaked them I asked if she had been in bed long and she said ahe had come up a few minutes after I had and I was fast asleep, I pushed my hard cock into her buttocks and she asked if I had been dreaming I replied cryptically about dreams crossing to reality and she pushed back into me. I traced my hand to her pussy and began to gently slide a finger into her outer lips she tensed and tried to hold her legs together I pushed a little harder and my finger sank into her weel juiced pussy feeling her wetness I commented she must have been dreaming also as I had never felt her so wet. I teased her about being so wet and she felt just fucked she tried to pass it off by asking if it was her I had been fucking in my dream or was it my ex mistress I never spoke and then she carried on by saying I understand it really is ok I love you even if you fucked her. I asked her idf she was sure what she was saying and what had changed her mind she said lets just say I have grown up a bit. She relaxed and I started to play with her pussy once again she never resisted this time and my fingers were soon inside her squelching the mixture of sex deep in her, rolling on top of her I soon buried my cock into her she felt loose and sticky and it was only a few minutes until I mixed my sperm with their juices. She hadnt orgasmed and I said sorry but I was so excited I couldnt hold back she held me close and said it was ok but she really needed to cum, I joked well John is down the landing why not see if he can help she said as if you would let him I continued to tweak her nipples knowing this really gets her on and said as long as he doesnt know I know I wouldnt mind and it would make us even and then all the past can go away. She seemed like she was toying with the idea so I progressed the conversation and said you can tell him I am asleep and you need some comfort she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and licked around the head tasting my cum and her and Johns and then lifted and said are you sure I kissed her deeply and just said I love you enjoy him and make sure you come back, as I watched her slip out of our room and quietly open his door my cock grew and I knew this would be the night to chanfe our lives.