Written by Jason

29 Aug 2006

I had been best friends with Ray and Ellie since they were engaged twenty years since. We had enjoyed great times together, but it was clear that she was a one-man woman, and I would never dream of coming between them. However....I had agreed to go down to theirs to help Ray erect a new garden fence. 'Come down when you finish work on Friday...' -so catching the 1600 train to Norwich, I arrived at Botley Avenue just after 7. Ellie welcomed me, poured a cold beer, then broke the news that Ray had been called out to an IT problem in Cardiff, and would'nt get home until Saturday lunchtime at the earliest. 'Fancy eating out....my treat!' Ellie readfily agreed, so we had a pretty good meal in the Coach and Horses, before taking the scenic route home. 'Is it ok me staying with Ray being away?' I ventured. 'What, after that nice meal....no, don't feel awkward, Ray would be furious if you took a B & B for the night!'

Ellie had gone easy on the wine as she was driving, but came into the lounge with a new bottle as we relaxed and talked of old times. She had been wearing a scoop-top blouse, and every time she leant across to top up their glasses I got a glimpse of her small but shapely tits..feeling unusually emboldened I made a remark to this effect. 'Oh...well, Ray says they're too small....he sort of..well..ignores them.' 'He what?' -'You're having me on, Ellie...no man could ignore such lovely breasts!' She smiled..'So I suppose being a bloke you want a better view of them!' Without further delay, she slipped off her top, undid her bra, and presented me with a pair of really well-formed boobs, small pink nipples sitting pertly, just inches from my face. I leant forward and gently licked the hard little nips, then caressed the dainty orbs with my near-trembling hands...'Beautiful, Ellie....just beautiful!' She smiled, pulled away, then leant forward over the coffee table and immersed one of her tits in the glass of wine, before offering it to me....'Ellie, you are just one sensual woman...are you sure you know where this is going...?' 'That rather depends on you, but please don't ever, ever, say anything to Ray...promise?' I promised. I also loosened the belt of my jeans...Ellie took over, and slowly and deliciously had me naked, my rampant cock hard out of it's foreskin...that was the last I saw of it for some time as it vanished into her hot, moist mouth. I tried in vain to reach her crotch, and had to content myself with fondling her tits, until the 69 urge cut in, and we were soon giving and taking in equal shares....problem was, I was getting near to cumming, so contrived to disengage in order to kneel between her thighs and excite her wet cunt with finger and tongue. 'I'm not on the pill...please don't cum inside me...unless you've got a condom...?' No, I had'nt...'Ok, my gorgeous, sexy beauty, I'll deliver my load outside your front door...' She laughed..then pulled me urgently inside her..the large purple bell-end of my cock made her gasp on entry, but once inside her wet vagina thrust firmly up until our bellies were pressed together...once again I felt the urge to cum....I thought of football, of Formula 1, of recent events in the Middle East...anything to hold back....but to no avail; after just a few lunging strokes in that wet love-tunnel, I had to cum...pulling quickly out, I spurted several jets of hot white love-juice over her belly, tits, and chin....'I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I just could'nt hold on any longer..'

'Listen, Superman...that was great, you could teach Ray a thing or two...now I'm going to take you to bed, and start all over again.' And she did...twice..she even wanted me in her bum, but by then I could'nt keep a hard-on long enough to penetrate that tight, pink little treat.

So there it is...one magic night of unexpected ecstacy, one adulterated wife, and still the fence isn't finished......