Written by Horace

21 Apr 2017

Sworn to secrecy I really want to tell Keith what his Mrs has been up to, but a promise is a promise.

A little background - I have known Keith and Lyn for a good while now and helped Keith realise his fantasy of seeing Lyn with another guy.

It took a long time for Keith and me to persuade this voluptuous lady to allow me into her bed, but it was so worth it. She is an amazing kisser and really loved to tease Keith, who would watch on and wank while I plunged my much bigger cock into his wife on their marital bed.

Keith worked hard at a manual job and it was difficult to arrange to see them with my busy schedule and him really only free Friday nights when no work the next day allowed a little extra late night fun. This was frustrating me as I wanted Lyn, but never appreciated how horny Lyn was getting.

Girls nights out were a feature of Lyn’s social life and there were only two local nightclubs in the local town, so wasn’t too difficult when Keith said she was going out with her mates and hoped she would get chatted up by some randy bloke as she knew this turned him on when she got home and told him if she had been felt up. She did once get well snogged and young chap found his way into her pants and got a couple of fingers inside her, but she was a tease and wasn’t going to be unfaithful and let it go further.

I’d been chatting with Keith, trying to find some time for us all to meet and he told me she was out on Thursday last week with the girls. He was going to tell her to dress in her new short floral dress with stockings and lovely matching bra and knickers. They were modest and had a serious job to do of holding her large breasts but in combination with the dress she looked amazing with deep cleavage and no VPL, she was very horny. I can say that as I was fortunate enough to happen to be in the club when she entered. Her two friends were unattached workmates and they knew all the staff, DJ and a lot of the guys who were hunting in packs looking for mature ladies at this club.

I watched from afar and wondered how long before I should make my move and happen over to say Hi. Within a minute a group of four guys walked up and started chatting to Lyn and friends. They were obviously known to the other two girls and quickly they took to the dancefloor leaving Lyn with the other two guys. I was intrigued to see how she coped and there just seemed to be some banter between them but I gauged it was a little awkward and thought it a good idea to go and recuse her.

I made as if to walk past and then notice her and said hello and moved in to give her a hug and kiss on the cheek as if we were old friends. I asked who her friends were and she said they were mates of some guys her girlfriends were dancing with. The two were younger than Lyn and I and explained their friends were hoping to see the two girls as they had hooked up last week and were hoping for a return performance, which suggested they were not going to see them again and would most likely be leaving for some sexy fun.

The four of us moved over to a quieter booth and the two went to the bar to buy us all a drink. I told Lyn I was very naughty and had purposely gone to the club to see her and hoped she didn’t mind. She said she was grateful said that although Keith likes the idea of her being chatted up she was a bit upset her friends had jumped ship so quickly and was grateful I was there. I looked into her eyes and said I had missed her and was very frustrated that we hadn’t managed to fix a date for me to visit her and her husband so we could enjoy each other. She said nothing but looked back at me and I moved towards her and kissed her softly, full on the lips. We continued to stare at each other and kissed more deeply and within seconds she had her tongue in my mouth and moved my hand up her leg and under her skirt.

Our new friends returned and delivered the drinks. I was so horny and wanted Lyn but felt obliged to converse with the two young guys. I explained that we were old friends and they said they thought I might be her husband, pointing to Lyn’s wedding ring. I explained that Keith was a mate also and we enjoyed meeting together. The realised immediately that I had been fortunate to be invited by the married couple to join them and I then moved in and kissed Lyn some more. She reacted very positively and we soon had our hands all over each other and were putting on a show, teasing the pair who were obviously very turned on by the show and thought that this amazing lady with a body to die for would allow herself to be shared.

We stopped our show and allowed them to question us and establish in a short while that their suspicion was correct and Lyn was a hot wife. I told Lyn I was so randy I really needed to have her and she kissed me to signal she was up for it. She asked if I knew a place we could go and I indicated I did. We stood to leave and I don’t know what possessed me but asked her if it was Ok for the guys to come and watch. She agreed as it would quite exciting and always enjoyed it when her husband watched me with her.

The local park was very large and she knew a gate that was always open. There was a picnic area and we made our way to a bench table and she sat on the table and faced me so we could kiss. I always love her mouth and she always smells so good. As I ran my hands over her body one of the straps of her dress fell off her shoulder. I moved to pull the other down and then the bra straps and after unhooking the back I was able to pull the dress down to release those gorgeous tits. They were awesome and I sucked greedily on her nipples that stuck out so beautifully. Switching from breast to breast and then kissing she was getting very horny and pulled her skirt up to indicate her pussy now required attention. I rubbed the outside gusset and god she was wet. I asked her if she liked the fact the guys were watching us and she said yes and wondered how it made them feel and told them to drop their trousers. They dutifully obliged and two stiff cocks were soon on display. She told them they could wank and watch as I was to lick her now.

She lay back on the picnic table and I pulled the panties to one side and ran my tongue up and down her slit before slipping it in and then out and deeper until she was gasping. I still do not know if she indicated they should move in or whether they took the initiative but realised her breasts each had a willing mouth sucking at it. This heightened her arousal and she was moaning at me to pull off her pants and fuck her. I didn’t hesitate and off they came. I positioned myself between her legs and thrust straight in with no hesitation. She was so fucking wet it was in and I just pumped her watching these two young studs sucking her tits and also now taking turns to kiss her full on.

The sight was too much and I shot my load deep in her and she came too. She was calling obscenities which I had never known before she was calling for more cock and I now had to move back as my cock had lost its full hardness with the orgasm. She was laughing in passion and I asked what did she want no? Without hesitation the answer was more cock. The taller of the two guys moved between her legs and offered his cock to her pussy. Lyn grabbed it and stuffed it in thrusting towards him. He pumped her and like me emptied the contents of his balls deep in her. I has moved to suck at her tits and discovered the shorter guy had already shot a load across her fabulous chest. She was rubbing it in and \i was impressed at how much spunk there was. I didn’t care and just carried on sucking her nipples and kissing her face off.

Unfortunately we heard some more noises and the horn y scene came to an abrupt end. We cleaned up and the two left without exchanging details and Lyn and I went back to my car. I dropped her home although we chatted for an hour before she went indoors where Keith would be sleeping, unaware of his wife’s adventure.

I have spoken to Keith this evening, to see if he was able to find a date we could get together, and of course to see if he was aware of Lyn’s experience. I asked if she went out in the week and he said yes and her mates pulled and a couple of young guys were chatting her up, but she hadn’t told him what had happened. I know he would love to know what had taken place but I promised Lyn I would allow her to decide if she would let him know. I do hope she tells him as he would love the thought of her behaving like that.