Written by Beth

2 Jan 2004

Well - where to begin. I had a strict upbringing - never speaking about sex - always being told it was dirty!

Then I got married, had kids etc etc and enjoyed life. We had both worked hard - and sex life was ok - if you like missionary in the bedroom once a week!

However - one night it changed - we had been out, had a meal and then when back home - began to have fun. During the fun, M asked me what I fantasised about! What a time to ask - there I was feeling horny - and I blurted out about the Toyota ad - not the car!!! - the one with the swinging party. I knew he liked it and I found it a turn on also.

We both chatted about it whilst having sex with me telling him I wanted 2 men. He liked that although wanted to be one of the guys so long as we did the same with another girl! It was so erotic that night as we both described what we'd do

About a week later, M came home and asked if I enjoyed that night and would I be interested in a repeat. I said yes although his next question made me think! - "Would you like to do it for real?"

I was shocked certainly although liked the idea.

M worked in a hospital with a good friend (R) we knew from the staff club. He was married (S) and although I didnt know her too well - she seemed nice.

"What do you mean M?" I asked

""Well the other night seemed to really turn you on and I spoke about the whole talking dirty with R. It was something R&S do also and they had been once to a swingers club - although hadnt met anyone then. R has asked if it is something we would be interested in or not"

I couldnt answer - didnt seem right at that time - maybe nerves or maybe fantasies stay fantasy

The next morning - my head was clearer - "so M - how did u leave it with R then?"

"I said I would discuss with you and see what happens"

"and S" - I asked.

"well R was going to ask S and then take things from there

They had not really wanted to be with a couple they knew but nerves were stopping them from meeting strangers - so maybe second thoughts.

"Why you ask?" - he said

"Well I still like the idea of it all - although I wouldnt touch the other girl - I'll say that now!"

"Okay" - M says - "I'll see what R says when we work today. I'll text you!"

I work at the same hospital M does. I had forgotten about M as we can't have phones on at work. Anyway at break in the afternoon- turned phone on. Message - 1 unread!

"Game on!! - they want to meet us"

I was feeling excited, turned on, nervous and probably a thousand other emotions. Here I was - about to meet a couple and see M with another woman and me with another man. I had only slept with M since I met him - 5 years earlier - how would all that be??

We were both attractive, fit and hopefully good in bed so I wasnt worried about that although I knew what M liked and he knew me - would they be any different?

That night - M was excited when he came home. He asked if I had read the text. I answered yes and asked what they had discussed.

"Well both of them seem keen, R spoke to S on the phone whilst I was at work and she asked if we were still keen. I didnt speak to S - she is going to phone us tonight and wants to make sure you are happy - and keen to go out for a meal next weekend"

The phone rang at 8 - M answered saying his hellos and flirting - it must be S

He passed the phone to me.

After pleasantries - S said , "So - what have our men been plotting? They seem keen for us all to meet. Are you?"

"Yes - I think"

"B - you need to be sure here hun, its a big step you taking here. We are keen to meet you"

"I am keen - its something I have been keen on - its only just recently we have discussed and agreed on and it depends on what you both are into"

"We are nervous too - have been to a club although didnt meet anyone. We want to be watched have sex- then watch the other couple. Then after the boys have rested - we could be tempted for full swap although I hear you want 2 men!! - lol"

That seemed to brake the ice - "Errm yes! - I suppose I do".

"Well i know M wants 2 girls - same as R - so it'll be a long night!"

"Yes - it will - we'll all need a day off to recover!"

So that was it - first steps taken. We had agreed to meet them at theirs on the Saturday to go out for a meal at a great Italian restaurant in the area.

Things did happen - which changed our lives!

As this is my first story on here - would be interested to know if I should carry on or stop now before I say too much. Thanks