Written by jon and debs

1 Dec 2003

A true story of what happened on holiday this year, my wife Debbie and me had often talked about me watching her get fucked by someone else, and whilst the idea really turned me on i was never sure whether i would really let it happen or even if she would go through with it. Anyway our holiday was fast approaching and she kept telling me how she was going to have another cock when we were there, the more she told me the hornier i became.

Debbie is 39 and brunnette, very good looking, but her best feature is her 38dd tits. after a few days of our holiday she told me that the owner of the apartments kept trying to chat her up and couldnt keep his eyes of her tits whenever she was around the pool. to be honest i was a bit jealous, but asked her if she enjoyed the attention and she said YES she was loving it. so reluctantly i told her to encourage him if she wanted to, she laughed and said are you sure, you might get jealous, i said sure its fine, but wasnt prepared for the following morning.

when i woke up i could hear voices talking and laughing outside the apartment and realised that she was outside talking to the owner of the apartments, so i got up quickly dressed and went outside, she was sitting out there topless talking to him. I couldnt really take it in and didnt know what to say, she just turned to me and said morning and gave me a little wink. i looked at him and sure enough he was staring at her tits. I was a little jealous but couldnt believe how horny i was starting to feel. i just said morning to them both and went back inside. i heard them say bye see you later and then she came in. she came over to me and laughed , she pointed to the front of my shorts noticing my growing hard on and said well did you enjoy my bit of a show then ?

i said what do you think ! and nothing else was mentioned during the day. that night in bed she asked me if i genuinely did mind at all and i lyingly said no, she pushed further by asking me how far she should go to which i replied its up to you how far do you want to go, and again i was not prepared for her reply which was, that she quite fancied him and would like to at least tease him a bit and definately at least see his cock if i didnt mind. what could i say! i said fine but i dont want to know how you do it as long as you tell me all about it and she said but i thought you wanted to watch.

she said that she would do it on our last night, i couldnt wait but at the same time was worried that i might get too jealous.

our last night arrived and she told me to go out and meet her in the bar later and that she was going to get ready. so i went to the bar and had a couple of beers while i waited for her. the bar was half full and when she arrived i nearly choked on my beer, she looked like a total slut my god i didnt even know she owned clothes like that she had on the shortest skirt i have ever seen, a a top that barely covered her huge tits, high heels and to top it off bright red lipstick and nails.

every bloke in the place was staring at her.

she came over to me and kissed me and said do you approve, i said i dont know but every other bloke in here seems to, she laughed and said your not loosing your nerve are you. i said no just get on with it before i do.

the owner was behind the bar and came over and asked her what she wanted to drink, she said a very large vodka please he came back with her drink and started chatting to us and i noticed that again her couldnt keep his eyes off her tits, a few drinks later and he had now come from behind the bar and said with us and she was openly flirting with him, asking what he thought of her tan etc. he said she looked gorgeous,

10 minutes later and i went to the toilet when i got back he had gone, i asked her where he was and she said hed gone to our apartment to wait for her, while i was away she had told him to meet her there in 5 minutes he apparently asked her what about your husband and shed said not to worry ill think of something, so she grinned and said so he thinks you dont know, then she looked very serious and asked me truthfully are you sure you want to go through with this ?

my head was saying no but my cock had other ideas and i said yes if you are comfortable with it, she said she was and to give her 5 minutes and come round the back to the patio doors in the bedroom, but to be quite and off she went.

my mind was racing and my cock was harder than i can ever remember, after 5 minutes i sneaked round the back off the apartment to the patio doors, they were slightly ajar and the curtain was open just enough to see in, i crept close up and looked in, they were kissing and his hands were all over her, feeeling her big tits through her top and his other haand was up her skirt, she was moaning and i knew she was enjoying it my cock was throbbing now i felt jealous but so horny he lifted her top and her juicy big tits came tumbling out her started to suck and nibble them which i know she loves and i saw her nipples grow stiff, he had had skirt lifted now and his fingers were soon inside her sexy black lace knickers, i could see her rubbing the front of his trousers, his fingers found their way into her pussy and see then started to undo his trousers and within seconds they were down and his cock sprung into view, if i was jealous before that was nothing compared to how i felt once i saw his cock, it must have been at least 3 inches bigger than mine and when i saw the look on her face that said it all she was speechless for a second then she just dropped to her knees and started to lick the tip of it, i heard him gasp then her told her to suck it, she got what she could in her mouth and he asked her if she liked it, she said that she had never seen a cock so big and he laughed and told her that he was going to fuck her hard with it. i could feel my own xcock dripping with precum and then he lay he on the bed and spread her legs, i could clearly see her pussy and it looked soaking wet he started to tongue her cunt and she was moaning with pleasure, he licked her for a while and then asked her if she was ready for his cock, she said please fuck me and he laughed and said what would your husband say if he could see you now, she laughed and said he cant satisfy me his cock is too small, they both laughed and he said, you are a dirty slut and you need plenty of cock, she said please fuck me and he started to slide his cock into her, her pussy was stretching she was groaning and i now had my cock out and was wanking, her started to fuck her faster and i came seconds later he was now riding her fast and she was in ecstasy, her pulled his cock out and shot his spunk all over her tits, she started to rub his cum into her tits and then licked her fingers clean, her got dressed and went, leaving her on the bed totally fucked, as soon as he went i enterd through the patio doors, she looked at me and smiled and said oh god that was fantastic, she kissed me and said thank you for letting her enjoy herself she said do you want to fuck me now, at which i slide my cock into her well fucked pussy and it felt so stretched i wasnt touching the sides.

that was a while ago and now she has decided that she wants to sample a big black cock. ill let you know what happens