Written by Craig

7 Oct 2003

Im a sencible guy and have a wonderful girlfriend who I love and have never been unfaithful to her yet. Im only 23 and my girlfreind Kelly is 25 we do have great sex but nothing exciting because shes so shy.

My best mate who I have grown up with also has a girlfriend Tanya shes very sexy and yes I do fancy her, shes a real flirt but only 18 so still niave when it comes down to men.

Two weeks ago we all arranged to go of to London for the day and go clubbing at night, the night before we were due to leave Kelly told me she didnt want to go we had a big argument and I told her I will go on my own with Tanya and Carl then.

The next day of we went on the train we toured the city a bit and went shopping, then in the afternoon hit the bars. By four in the afternoon we were pretty sloshed Tanya was flirting with me more than ever and every chance she got she was pushing herself against me and asked me what my sex life is like with Kelly so I told her good but sometimes boring. She is a very pretty girl slim with blonde permed hair and slim with small boobs. We decided to get something to eat and go to out hotel and get changed to go clubbing that night.

while I was having a shower I heard a knock on the door so with a towel round me I answered the door to see Tanya standing there in her dressing gown. I invited her in and she said Carl had fell asleep on the bed and she was bored. she brought a bottle of whisky with her and we sat on the bed and drank it and talked. She told me all about the lads who have fucked her and all about her sex life with Carl. She really is a tart but nice and I had visions of fucking her right there and then on the bed. she stood up and let her gown fall to the floor she was completly naked I stared at her body she had her belly button pierced which looks so sexy on girls, Kelly wont get hers done for me. She then asked if I wanted her I asked in what way playing dumb of course and she replied do you want to shag me.I desperately wanted her but thought of Carl and Kelly and couldnt do that to them, so I said no I cant.

She came over to me and started playing with her self in front of me and rubbing her hands all over herself and dancing at the same time she then lay on the bed and fingered her self I just sat and watched her, I was rock hard and so wanted to go inside her pussy but just couldnt do it.

She rubbed her self with her fingers and licked her firngers and then fingered herself again, she then got up and went in to the bathroom and came back out with a can of deodrant, I couldnt believe this girl she lay on the bed again and stuck the can up her self and fucked it. I couldnt take much more so sucked her tits and kissed her, she was still ramming the can up her self and moaning I knelt over her and wanked my cock until I heard her come with the can up her pussy I shot my come all over her body.

She lay there for a while then said you will shag me soon. she put on her dressing gown and left.

That night was great Tanya flirted with me even more and sat on Carls knee with her legs wide open for my amusment.

When we returned from London I met up with Kelly and we had straight normal sex as usual I asked her if she ever puts anything inside her self when shes alone, she slapped my face and left. oh well