Written by Trebor

12 Dec 2006

My frined Ian and I were going in holiday. He was a travel agent from Blackpool and a real ladies man. He asked me if I wanted to join him for a week in Jersey, couple of lads on the pull together. Ian and I arrived - 2guys 21&24 years old together out for some fun - i didnt realise we would find more fun in our room together.

We arrived very late and went straight to our twin room, I sleep naked and thought nothing of it as Ian climbed into his bed with his undies on. We left the TV on for abit to watch telly and as usual, I dropped my undies and climbed into my bed. As usual, before long my cock grew hard and I started to secretly stroke it and then Ian asked me if I minded turning the TV off as he was too tired to get up. Wrapping the duvet around me, I got up, not realising that Ian could see I was completely naked! As I walked back to the bed, wrapped myslef up, Ian grabbed my duvet and tried to yank it off me, I fought him off, landing on his bed. We continued to struggle as he tried to embarrass me by pulling my duvut away - but all this activity had made my cock really hard and suddenly it was rubbing against Ians leg.

I didnt know what to do, but Ian continued to struggle and carry on as if nothing had happened, but now my cock was rubbing up and down his leg and then we fell on the floor together, with me landing on top of Ian. My cock was jammed against his cock (still in his undies) and I could feel he was hard. Worse I could feel my cock rubbing up and down against his cock. Wow what the fuck was I doing .... I was naked lying on top of another man, who was erect with a thin strip of cotton between our touching cocks !

Ian then pushed me aside and started to ease down his pants, saying that it was a shame I was the only one - naked and he quickly eased his pants down. I was really nervous, what was i doing I wasnt gay at all. When Ian had his pants off, he quickly jumped on top of me and held my arms above my head and sat on my cock. My own cock was sicking up stiffly and he was sat with my cock rubbing between the cheeks of his arse. He lent forward and said he had always wanted to do this and started to rub my cock with his arse and started to kiss me. His stubble was rough and his tongue penetrating and then he rolled sidewards. I was breathing hard and my cock was being nudged by Ians. Slowly Ian reached down and gripped my cock and then held my cock against his and started to wank us both together. God I was going to come soon if he carried on doing this........

I decided that I was already into this so deep I had to carry on and I so wanted to come, my balls were aching like mad. I slowly reached down and took hold of another mans cock, it wasnt like mine, he wasnt circumcised and I started to wank him, pulling his foreskin backwards and forwards. Ian was wanking me too and I could feel my climax rising and as I started to spurt my come over Ians belly, he started to come too and we were coming and wanking each others cocks with each others spunk.

Phew what a start to holiday and we had been on Jersey for 4-hours ! Ian bent down and took my wilting cock into his mouth and licked me clean. I declined to suck his cock as I thought that perhaps was just too strange....for now. But thats another story...