Written by sue/ted

9 May 2004

At last we land and now on spanish turf we gather our things as do the Bury lads n with a few "see ya's" they're gone....no big rush tho',our bus won't leave without us.By now it's around 4 a.m. and i must admit despite all the fun n excitement of earlier events( n boy were they a turn on!!) i am rather tired n ready 4 bed....2 sleep that is!!

Through customs no messin',then baggage collection then as directed by the ever so helpful 'holiday rep' out 2 our coach.Wow,despite the early hours of the morn it's very hot n sticky...think this might b a hot holiday in more ways than 1:-)Luckily the coach transfer is a short 1,only 20mins n 4 a pleasant change ours is 1 of the first drop off's.

All looks well n we check in...off we go as quietly as we can 2 find our room.As always abroad things are very basic but no complaints so far...all's clean n comfy n that's all that's need.The unpackin' can wait till later i think...avin' well turned 5 a.m now,the beds can't!!! We each undress n climb between the crisp cool white sheets...set an alarm for 9a.m ( god that's only 3 n half hours away!!) a big kiss n off 2 sleep we drift.

First day of any holiday is a lazy 1,findin' u're feet kinda day n this aint no exception.Not alot of sleep but breakfast finishes at 10 so we gotta get a wriggle on...all blurry eyed but a quick fix shower n the first thing 2 hand from the case n we make it with 15mins 2 spare...phewww.After re-fuelin' our systems we av a wander (as u do) round our hotel n pool area.What a gorgeous day,temps high so we decide once changed in2 the appropriate clothin'(not alot),2 laze by the pool n just relax n unwind.

The day passes quickly...a few dips in the pool,afew cold drinks n lots of rays(this is the life)takes us through 2 around 6 when we decide we've baked enough.After gatherin' our belongings we return 2 our room 2 sit on the balcony with a nice glass of wine n discuss plans 4 the evenin'.

A quiet nite is decided upon,afew drinks in the bar next door...see if we can get any feed back on how the place ticks.

"U gonna do a bit of flashin' n flirtin' dear?" ted asks

"see if we can't keep last nites mood for the week!!"

"Ermmmm we'll av 2 see bout that babe" i reply "maybe with a little persuasion n a few drinks i could b tempted"

" U could tempt plenty my dear" u say as u refill my glass. With that it's time 2 shower n change 4 diner n the evenin'.

ted looks as smart as ever in black trousers n a lovely cream touchy feely shirt.Me..well we're on holiday n it's hot so..not alot.I compliment u in reverse...i chose a VERY short cream skirt(only just coverin' my arse )and up top i wear a slinky little black vest.Don't do bra's on hols but chose an excuse 4 a thong in transparent black mesh....ted wearin' a big smile so i assume he approves, n off 2 diner we go

Buffet style meals once more so we each fill a plate n then find a table.

"From the looks u're gettin' in here alone" ted says "the temptin' bit shouln't be a problem dear"

Not sure if the heat rush i feel is from the days sun or maybe i'm blushin'....another few glasses of wine tho' n i begin 2 relax.

Avin' eaten it's time 2 stroll 2 the bar next door,ted suggests i go 2 the bar so he can watch 4 reactions...

" go do u're stuff" he says

:-)Not a problem n off i trot.

"Excuse me" i say nudgin' my way between 2 guys n catchin' the barmans attention i order our drinks.If there's 1 thing about the spanish i do know....they avn't a rush in em!!A chance 2 chat...the guy 2 my left i think.

"Hiya, u alright?" i ask

"Ooh hello 2 u lovely lady" came the reply "i'm more than alright now Where u stayin'?" he asked turnin 2 give me his full attention

"just next door,first nite so need 2 know wheres best 2 hang out...if u know what i mean"

" I'm next door 2,u can always hang out in room 104 with me!!" he says in a very suggestive way.

" Wow u don't mess about do ya...gather u're alone then" i ask

" Well yes n no,here with my mate but he met this woman 2 days ago n seen very little of him since" was his answer " the names Tony by the way"

"I'm sue,nice 2 meet ya" i say whilst payin' for the drinks.

" So how about it sue??"

" Listen luv,not sure what the owner of this pint might av 2 say bout that" i reply "but hey i can ask!!"

"Ohhh sorry,dint realize u were with a bloke...hope i've not caused a problem" he said in a 'shock horror' kinda voice.

"No problems honest,possibly quite the opposite...." n with that i pick up the drinks n smilin turn n walk away leavin' him with 1 very puzzled look upon his face.

" Well hello u,thought u were never comin' back!!" ted say but with a big smile on his face.

"I'm sorry darlin',just bein; friendly" i say as i lean n give him a kiss.

"That's it dear,give him a flash of u're ass now...he's still lookin'."

" i avn't av i???" i ask in horror

"Well i could see enough whilst u were stood at the bar so he must av got an eye full then!!"

I go on 2 tell ted all that's bin said

"Go on,y not tease him a little" ted says " flash him a bit more"

"no i can't do that" i say.

"y ever not,u might enjoy the reaction u get...just think bout what he might wanna do 2 u,take u back 2 his room n fuck u"

" U think???!!!" i ask

"God sue,he gave u his room number...what do u think!!" With that i'm convinced...holdin' tight 2 teds hand, i un cross my legs n sit briefly wide legged with my thonged pussy well on show....must av bin, coz Tony nearly choked on his ale.

"god did u see that?" i say

"Told u" ted whispers softly in my ear " now lets see if it's avin the desired effect with u" n with that n hidin' nothin he runs his hand up my leg 2 find just how moist the whole thing has made me.I'm so horny n wet n he knows it...

" gonna nip 2 the loo babe" i say "won't b a mo"

On my return he`s gone...where? Just 2 the bar...thank god so i resume my seat,collect myself n feelin' quite tipsy(as well as horny n wet of course)relax back n rest my eyes briefly. " U ok gorgeous?" i hear " brought some1 2 join us!!"

n as i open my eye i'm so lost for words.I aint a clue whats bin said between the 2 of them so remain quiet 4 a minute,in sheer shock i think. " U said he was alone n seems u got on so well thought u wouldn't mind if he sat with us" says ted takin' hold of my hand once more.then leans over to whisper"it's ok...let's just see how it goes" whilst kissing me oh so softly on the cheek.

How many times av we talked of a situation like this n here we r,i can't believe it....is 2nite the nite 1 of those fantasies might come reality???

U don't mind do u ?" Tony asks me "i can go away if u'd prefer"

"No u're ok,honest....i'm fine,it's fine...i think"

god i've lost the use of my tongue now,can't even talk sense. ted gives me chance 2 catch my breath n chats 2 the guy 4 a short while....general chit chat at first but the conversation soon comes round 2 our little fantasy n he enquires as 2 if tony ever....fantasized of similar. It seems holiday times are for everyone 2 possibly try 'new' things.... oh god lets go for it,i think:-)

With him sat in front of me teds hand once more begins 2 work it's way up my thigh. n as he does he gently pushes widening them slightly. i close my eyes coz as much as the thought of this has always excited me, this is reality, and, my god someone is sat there watchin'!!!

by now I've ad plenty 2 drink n want ted soooooo much i cant /don't want 2 resist him...n indeed i don't.I slide slightly forward so he can easily find, with those oh so long fingers of his the way 2 my achin' pussy,firstly pressin' against my clit thru the fabric of my VERY wet thong, before fumblin' beneath 2 feel the real me.he rubs gently against me,i'm wet thru n his finger slides up n down with such ease.I know he's still there n watchin', n wonder if or even when he'll make some kinda move....i'm more than happy with ted ,but am soooo curious about this 2 guy thing.It's 2 public here tho' and i know ted wants more than a fumble now,this is somethin' we have thought of many times n judgin' from the twitchin' i can see at the front of his trousers hes as horny n sexed up as me. i steal a glance, and its very obvious from the bulge of tony`s trousers ,we are having the desired effect on him

" Time 2 go av a drink somewhere a little more private "

ted suggests " if everyone wants 2 that is?"

he knows i want 2...

"Got some beers back at mine " Tony says " u're more than welcome" With that we all leave n return next door 2 our hotel...room 104 2 be more specific.Is this gonna b my first ever 3some....????????

We'll av 2 see..:-)))

Stil holdin' tight 2 teds hand, Tony opens the door n we follow him in.

"Plz,sit down....make u'reselves at home" he sez pointin' 2 the bed (it is a hotel room so seatin' is limited!!)

"i'll get us all a drink" n with that he takes off his shoes n set about 2 crack 3 bottles of beer.

ted prop his self up at the top of the bed and i sit with my back 2 him between his parted legs.

"U ok dear?" he whispers in my ear, followed by a soft gentle kiss as he wraps his arms around me n my waist.Feelin' unbelievably unsure, even slightly embarressed, not 2 mention nervous as i'm sure he can tell from my voice i answer..

"Ermmm i dunno,feel weird even a bit scared...i think ". he takes hold of both my hands n gives them, n me a reasurin' squeeze,holdin' me sooo close say

" it's ok babe,we'll just av adrink n see what happens"

"Yeah but...." n b4 i can finish Tony hands us both a bottle....i don't usually drink beer, but at this moment in time my throat is so dry i think i'd drink anythin' !!

The bed occupied ( so's 2 speak) Tony sit's opposite on the only chair in the room,by the wardrobe.All seems a little awkward at first, 2 say the least, so as b4 ted and tony engage in some general chit chat, but at the same time his hand begins 2 stroke my arm...movin' softly up 2 my elbow n back down,his thumb rubbin', (as if by accident) across my nipple with each move. I do feel so safe with him, n it's because of that i begin 2 relax, leanin' back 2 rest my head on his chest n my hand on his thigh.... gently rubbin' the fabric which covers the ted beneath.

More small talk between them as teds hand continues, up my arm ,passin' my now ever so errect nipple, then back from my elbow down my outer thigh 2 return back up the inner...carefully but deliberately movin' my skirt a little higher with each movement.My eyes av 2 b closed, coz although i know someone else is there, i think i can only go 'further' if i can't see them,(him), n i so want 2 go further...theres a definite stirrin' within':-) The thought of ted has always bin enough for me,( n always will b), but ted n someone else,i've/we've had/shared the fantasies thoughts and god i feel so turned on,all of me achin',tingling,my pussy wet with anticipation....., inhibitions lowerin' with every tender touch.

Not sure if it was a concious thought 2 give us a little time alone, or a genuine need for the bathroom but Tony makes his excuses n dissapears behind a closed door.With this ted takes advantage of the moment,turnin' me n as i turn we engage in a deep passionate wet kiss....mouths locked 2gether,tongues entwined.Now knelt between his open legs,my hand restin' on his crotch,wow Teds well itchin' 2 get out...he first cups my breast outside the material of my vest,gently squeezin' n then reachin' his hand up n under, 2 find 2 rock hard nipples.No time 2 talk now,we so want each other n we're away.As i rub teds ever increasin bulge, our kiss breaks as eh slides my top up and over my head.

"Oh u're so sexy sue " he whispers " i want u ...here n now"

i melt into his arms

" i'm yours babe...all yours" i say, n with that he pushes me back on2 the bed, n begins 2 caress my bare breasts n hard nipples ,movin' quickly between the 2...movin' his mouth 2 suck, lick n, mmmmmm, nibble the way only he seems to be able to do.As he plays with his mouth, his hand moves between my legs,partin' them,he moves up, n up, till he reaches my thong covered wet pussy...he can feel my juices all over his fingers as he moves the thin mesh aside.I'm so gone now,forgot all about another in the room ( n yes he has returned, n re-positioned in his chair )So at last,at least a part of one fantasy was takin' place...the rest,well lets see:-)

Movin' his hand for a brief moment,ted unzips my skirt n i lift my bum 2 aid it's removal.Now laying on the bed, covered only by the smallest piece of transparent fabric,i'm on full display 2 our on looker!!! ted knows he's there,i know he's there but at this point..who gives a fuck.If anythin' i think maybe it's increasin' the desire now:-)As ted stands 2 remove his trousers n shirt i can't lose the moment, so i begin 2 tease my own hard nipples,squeezin' n rollin' between my finger n thumb.... ted in no rush 2 undress now,i know he likes to watch me.From my tits i run my hand down my stomach,down 2 the top of my thong, n just as he did moments earlier, move it aside 2 rub gently against my clit.God i must be horny, i'm not usually this brave...playin' with myself infront of 2 of you,think i'm ready 4 anythin' babe ( yeah i did say anythin'..)

Once more i can feel teds strong hands upon me,workin' from my knees up,i spread my legs a little further n invite him 2 take over...i want him 2 eat me .his fingers n tongue work 2gether, movin onwards n upwards, movin ever closer 2 where i want them 2 be....the expectation of such creatin goosebumps over my whole body.

Mmmmmmm move u're tongue no further,my moans must tell u u're home.he licks the fabric that covers my achin' wet pussy,pressing hard against my lips n my swollen clit.i lift my butt a sure cue 2 remove my thong....no restrictions now.

his tongue begins 2 explore n tease my now bare pussy lips ...partin them he begins 2 lick up n down,over n over that oh so sensative bit, n as he bites gently on my clit i can't help it...i climax, holdin my breath my body shudders from head 2 toe.This is heaven 4 me babe...don't stop,i want more as my moans of sheer pleasure must tell u. his tongue continues as he can taste....taste all of me,lickin' from the inside out.he then slides a finger,pushin',circlin',stretchin' me...god i want more, n as i thrust my hips 2wards him 1 becomes 2,then 3,then oh my god all 4!!

As i wriggle n moan with him workin' away finger fuckin' me i notice Tony....he's released his cock,standing proud n hard in his hand, i watch as he watches us, obviously enjoyin' the 'show'. i wonder how far i'll go,if i will ... n without sayin' a word invite him 2 the end of the bed ,(which happens 2 b where my head is), His trousers fall 2 the floor, n as his manhood in all it's glory hangs over me, i take a deep breath n wide eyed look at ted questionly??????

"If u want it..take it " is all he says,his fingers still probin', oh so deep inside me...i dunno,all this erotic stimulation,my whole body a quiver, tinglin',my toes curlin...the fantasy scene has developed.

I grasp at him ,n holdin' his huge swollen cock pull him closer.For a while,i supose seakin' approval i keep eye contact with ted...slowly runnin' my tongue around his tip, then just as slowly take him,bit by bit into my mouth.teds fingers removed he sits back.....

I turn over on2 all fours n begin work on this mighty thing before me...kneelin' in such a way i could still see ted, n makin' sure he could still see me.I swalllow him harder,deep n deeper, tastin' his pre-cum at the back of my throat as i do.As i suck,movin' my head up n down in a steady rythm,kneedin' his heavy balls gently in my hand...he grabs my head, n holdin' my hair begins thrustin' faster in2 my mouth.teds watchin' intently, strokin' his hard cock all the time.i watch, as best i can, till he moves behind me, i feel him take hold of my hips firmly, n position himself at my wet entrance.

Oh at last i think 2 myself, n as he works his way in my well oiled pussy ,i can only let out a stiffled moan.... This was amazin'...never before... but why so long 2 discover such pleasure.As he stretches me 2 what seems my limit, the tempo increases....faster,deeper n ohh, harder.I sense Tony close 2 his climax, then i hear him shout out

" fuck her,fuck her hard " n that urges ted on ohhh god this is bliss.

I can feel tony tremblin' n throbin' in my mouth now,then suddenly he errupts....shootin' his warm cum 2 the back of my throat,not 2 waste i suck him,suck him till theres no more left..suck him dry.

Me n ted now....as tony pulls away i push hard back, feeling him deep inside me, our rythm builds as we buck against each other, harder and faster ,till the feelings take us both together to an almighty finish,then with one hard shove as deep as he could get, i feel our juices mix as we each groan out loud.his hot spunk first fillin' me then 2gether with mine the sticky fluid drips from within 2 cover us both,n the bed sheets beneath.

Collapsin' in each others arms ted says out loud...

"fuck me...that was fantastic" n i can't help but agree.Tony says very little but does hand us each a towel 2 clean up...he's well smilin' mind, so i think it was a worth while evenin'....for all.