Written by Dave N Chelle

28 May 2006

Chelle is a 43 year old 44" D mother of 2 with a cuddly figure and a large pussy.

She is very straight until she has had a few drinks inside her then she turns into a real cum slut. When she is I love to watch her get fucked.

Last year we went to Ibiza on holiday and on the first night we went too far with the booze and ended up at the last bar on the beach.

There were 4 guys there all about 21 from Austria and blonde and hunky. Chelle loves blonde gorgeous young guys and sent me off to the bar for some drinks. When I got back the guys were introducing themselves to Chelle, a kiss on each cheek then Chelle kissed each one on the mouth also. The last guy a young guy who I knew she would fancy kissed her back and she was soon tonguing him hornily.

They finished and I sat down as the guy who she was kissing sat next to her and called her his Chakira, Chelle liked this and bent forward and whispered something to him. He then dropped to his knees and started to kiss her feet all the way up to her knees. This turns Chelle on massively and he started to rub a little higher until she made him stop.

The guy sat next to her on her right leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She moved and opened her mouth to suck his tongue hungrily.

When they stopped Chelle said it was time for the show. The guys did noy know what she meant but I did. She said they should show them theirs and she would show them hers. She quickly lifted her top and not wearing a bra jiggled het large tits for them. The guys to the left and right quickly moved in their heads and started to lick her nipples sucking hungrily making them large

they both reached down to her pussy and she lifted her bum off the seat as they removed her knickers. The guy to the left dropped to his knees and Chelle lay back in the chair

as I saw him open her pussy lips. They were wet with her juices and he lapped at her pussy hungrily. He stood and kissed he with his mouth full of her juices and they dribbled down her chin as they kissed.

Chelle bent over the table as the guy to her left went behind her and rubbed his hard cock against her lips. Chelle looked at me and I smiled as she gasped as his young prick entered her.

He was very fast and soon he was bucking inside her. Milking his cock into her cunt, filling it with his juice. The other guy quickley replaced him and immediately shot his hot come deeply into her. Fucking it deeper with each stroke as it ran out over his cock, onto her wide open pussy lips.

I cam eover to her and pushed her down onto the table and opened her legs wide. She was now on her back and as I opened her legs a huge wad of sperm shot out of her pussy. I covered her cunt with my mouth and took all the juice into my mouth. Chelle began to come and when she is like this she squirts her juices. She came squirting her juices into my mouth as she bucked against me coming and coming into my mouth until I could take no more and it drizzled down my chin.

I quicly moved around to her mouth as another one of the guys opened his pants to reveal a massive prick. It was the biggest cock I had seen and he rubbed it along Chelles wet slit as I began to kiss her. Sharing the sperm and her juices in her mouth. I knew the guy had rammed his cock home as Chelle braced herself and squeezed my hand hard. This guy was stretching her pussy like never before. I had to watch it. I spat the rest of the come onto Chelles tits and watched this guys cock ravage her pussy. It was stretching her pussy wide and wider. Opening it like never before and she began to quiver again as her orgasm began to build the guy the shoved his cock into her deeper than ever before and shot a massive amount of spunk into her. Pumpoing and pumping just as Chelle began to come he pulled his cock out as Chelle Squirted her pussy juice all over the guys chest and balls.

The sperm and juice was everywhere and the last young lad was trying to put in his cock as he shot all over her lips, I pushed 4 fingers into her and wanked her pussy making her come for the last time as I lowered my mouth to her pussy and sucked her to her last climax. Cleaning and sucking her pussy until I felt the familier squirting into my mouth one last time.

I kissed her and shared the comejuice with her pussy juice and she grinned at me. I took a step backward and looked at her.

Spunk coming out of her pussy, all over her tits and dribbling down her chin. She was full of come and she loved it.

We cleaned up as best we could and Chelle and me went down to the sea to wash ourselves. She ssat in the sea fter taking her skirt and top off and washed her pussy with the salt water.

I could still see large creamy globdules of spunk coming out of her pussy and floating on the sea.

She said the cool water was nice on her hot pussy as it had been fucked and fucked. Her lips were open wide and I could not now wiat for our next fucking horny escapade on holiday.

I did not have to wait too long and I shall recall some of our other fuck fests soon

Dave N Chelle