Written by jake

1 Mar 2004

im a 30 year old office manager in a northen town and this is a story about kathy one of the office workers.

she is 26 years old with a firm figure (nice large tits and a nice arse) she has been married to phil for 6 years and they have 2 kids.the problem with kathys marriage is phil who is 39 cant keep her sexually satisfied in fact even when she comes to work after he has just fucked her she is still flirting sexually with the other men.

she is very submissive and is always gagging for cock(mine in perticular!!!)i love sending her home to her husband full of my cum.

so much so that over the past few months ive introduced kathy to swinging and dogging.

she loves it!!!! i take her at least once a week to lay bys country parks,and public toilets. she is a right slag when shes horny.

anyway just before christmas last year we were all out on our christmas party,and i had told kathy to turn up in my favourite outfit (short skirt and leather boots)which she did. i had already told her she was going to get fucked.

but i wouldnt tell her who was going to fuck her.

on our way between pubs i told her to go into the public toilets just off the high street. i had arranged for 2 of our directors dereck and brian(who she dosent know)to be waiting in there for her. they are both 61 years old and i wanted to see just how far kathy would go.

the toilets have been boarded up but are still used by doggers and gays.

as kathy entered her heels made a noise on the concret floor,i followed behind.the toilets smelt really bad and i had to cover my nose.

our eyes adjusted to the dark and out of the cubicules came the 2 directors. is this her? dereck asked yes i replied as they approched her.

are you really s dirty little bitch? he asked her, sometimes i am kathy replied, well get over here and start sucking this, brian said as i watched him get his cock out.

kathy walked over and grabbed his cock and started slowly wanking him,they kissed hard and fast and then dereck pulled up kathys skirt and pulled down her black panties pulling her legs completly out of them.her arse was now totally exposed and he made the most of it licking her arse and moving between her legs to lick her cunt.this set her off right away and she pushed her arse out for dereck to get easy access. i watched as he pushed a finger into her very tight bum hole and then another as he continued licking her. she bent her hesd down to suck brians cock this gave dereck greater access and a few seconds later he was pushing his cock against her tightest hole.i heard kathy gasp and cry out so i guessed dereck and entered her.

he began slowly and then gradually built up a very steady rythem. all the while kathy still sucked brians cock. after a while they swapped and i heard kathy cum on brians larger cock. but just as he told her he was about to cum she asked him not to cum inside her. so he pulled out and pulled open kathys swollen cunt lips (she was very wet and her juices glisted in the moonlight coming through the window.) as he held open her cunt lips he held his cock against them and shot his spunk all over her cunt with some hitting the inside of her flaps and some going down her legs and some over the floor. as he came he shouted at her calling her a dirty slut and slag who loved cock.

i know kathy loves this and told him he was right thats all she was. she is just a cock hungry slut who loves being used by men in public toilets dont you? dereck shouted at her. yes your right i do kathy replied she was know putting on her submissive nature and played up 2 it.

wot are you he shouted...... im just a cock hungry slut she replied. dereck ordered her to get on her knees and lick up brians cum which was still on the floor. kathy really enjoys it when she is ordered to do things and was on her knees straight away licking up the remaining spunk.

with that dereck told her to fuck off and arranged to meet her again the following week in the same place. telling her he may bring a few mates with him.

me and kathy walked out and continued our night out with kathy leaking small spunk droplets and still very very horny!!!! before she went home i fucked her up a dirty alleyway this time making sure she went home full of another mans cum.

wot a girl!!!!! if only her husband knew wot a slut she really is.