Written by portsmouth guy

31 Oct 2006

This site has a lot to answer for!! I have been reading the stuff on here for a while now and soon decided that I was very interested in having my new wife fucked by others.

I broached the subject and found my lovely 44 year old honey of a wife was not exactly closed to the idea, however she stated if it happens it was nice to know I would approve.

So sometimes while we were having fun without clothes on.....I would tell her how much I wanted to have her fucked by others, male or female.

Again Jane was not appalled, although she did complain that there seemed to be 3 of us when we bonked.

She still saw an ex boyfriend from time to time at the place she worked,and I did manage to persuade her to try her luck with him.However things didnt go well and she lost her nerve.

I kept on to her from time to time until one day she flipped, she told me I was pushing too hard and that she really wasnt interested. She made me feel like a right pervert, however after a few hours of talking it through we left it that I would not push her any more, but if the option arose then....well who knows.

A few months passed and we went to a party where a guy there complimented me on my gorgeous wife, and how lucky I was to have her.

I had a few drinks with the guy and took him into my confidence telling him about my wanting to have Jane fucked.

He was astounded, but also interested. I told him to chat her up and get to know her and agreed to introduce him to her.

So after a 3 way chat, I made my excuses and went to get drinks....which was a lie.

I kept peeping into the room where they were and they seemed engrossed in chat, next time I went back I found them dancing, with others, and Jane didnt seem to mind his hand on her hip as they boogied.

The slowies came on and I saw that they were closely dancing, and I saw the guy kiss jane on the cheek.

She was running her hand through his hair and I loved it.

We eventually went home,and I casually asked jane if she had had a good time.

Jane giggled and said that she had, I made no further comment as I did not want to smash the work done by the guy and I.

Next day I got a text from the guy who asked me to ring him.

He told me he had asked Jane out and would I mind, as she had said she might?

I was delighted and spent the next 20 mins telling him what she loves and how I thought he could get her into bed and compliant to his wishes.

Tonight is the night!!! she has told me she is going out and dont wait up!! She also asked me if I wanted to know where she was going?? I told her that I didnt need to know and that she can be as late as she likes!!

I hope she is gone all night and that she is soundly fucked.

I know she has shaved herself, and that she is wearing her nicest underwear so........looks good.

She smiled at me before she went, and asked me if she looked good, I admitted she did.

She went out at 8..........its now 9.....wonder if she is naked yet???...........god I hope so....I really do.