Written by andreatvbabe

20 Mar 2006

The compulsion to dress as a cum slut tart is getting greater.

Yesterday I decided to go 'al fresco' in the local sand dunes. After showering and shaving I dressed in my black basque, stockings,black lace thong and my 5'' heels. Usual make up to vamp it up black mascara and eyeshadow, rouged cheeks and deep red cherry lipstick and finished off with my black bob wig. Couldn't decide on a dress so just put my 3/4 coat on !! In my bag I had the usual things a girl takes on a walk, ciggies, condoms, a carrot and my trusty black dildo.

I parked in the wooded area and got out to walk along the pathway towards the dunes. With my coat open the fresh air was exhilarating. Whilst being wary of others I was quite happy to be seen as I am pretty convincing from a distance. However, I was soon to get a nasty shock.As I came round a bend in the trees I was confronted by two girls walking together. Too late to hide my exposure I started to mutter an apology of sorts but rather than being shocked the girls both smiled and the taller of the two, who was quite attractive, said "what have we got here then, a saucy girl showing her bits off". "I think Jenny and I need to take you in hand." With that she (Sue as I got to know) took my hand and led my quite forcably back towards the car park. Sue told Jenny to get in my car to make sure I didn't drive off and I followed Sue the relatively short distance to her home.

What was to come next was mind blowing. I was taken downstairs into what I think would have been the garage originally but was now a fully furnished dungeon. My coat was thrown off and I was manacled by my wrists to shackles hanging from the ceiling and my ankles to the floor. Spreadeagled in a cross shape. Sue, who was obviously the boss, said "wait here and be a good little boy while me and Jenny get changed".

Several minutes later in they both walked wearing matching crimson basques, stockings and thigh length stilleto boots.

I was their play toy for the day!

Jenny gave me a serious beating with the crop whilst Sue took great pleasure in biting my nipples. My thong was pulled off and my own black dildo was unceremoniously rammed up my back passage. That should open him up a bit they laughed. Taken down from the manacles I was then forced over a wooden horse and spanked soundl, this time by Sue who used a wooden paddle on me.. The dido was taken from me and shoved into my mouth but was then replaced by something else, turning slightly I saw Jenny entering me with a giant strap on. As she fucked me, Sue opened her basque poppers and pushed her groin into my face, inseting the dildo into her cunt so that she was in effect fucking my mouth. I was getting the best split roasting of my life. Jenny suddenly squealed and came ferociously, slamming the stap up up my sphincter one last time. Next thing she is front of me licking and biting at Sues cunny while she still thrusted into my mouth. Sue gave way to this treatment and pulled out. I was left hanging to watch a mind blowing lesbo session by the two of them as the 69'd each other in front of me.

Jenny was first to return to me, this time whipping my behind with a lash. Sue then proceeded to take me in her mouth, nibbling at my foreskin before sucking me straight down her throat. I suddenly exploded into her mouth. She got up and kissed my rouged lips forcing me to swallow my own cum.

I was then left on my own again, manacled with a carrot in my love hole and a dildo in my mouth while they went off to enjoy lunch.

What seemed like hours later the door opened. In walked Sue who was now dressed in her jeans and top. "Now then pussy boy, I've got another surprise for you", and through the door walked two guys wearing nothing but what must have been 10'' of manhood each.......