Written by Ajay

9 Jan 2005

Recently i met up with my friend liz thought u might be interested in hearing about it, shes a married girl of 40 slim sexy and blonde. Ive know liz and her hubby kev for about two years now and met from chatting online.

Kev loves me to take liz away and have my wicked way with her then she tells him all about it when i drop her off home.

This time i was a bit skint so couldnt reallly stretch to getting a hotel room for me and liz. Not only that but i liked the idea of fucking liz outdoors, even better it was only 1pm and broad daylight!!

We have of course done it in my car a few times and know a disused road to park up on, so thats where we headed. As we were driving i was getting more and more horny and so was liz. It wasnt long before liz reached over and unzipped my fly and took my cock out to stroke, despite cars passing us on the dual carriageway.

Being during the day our favourite shagging spot had a tractor parked up in it with a farmer so we drove on and headed off onto the north york moors desperate to find somewhere. By this point my cock was bursting and liz''s hands were glistening with my pre cum. She has pulled up her little skirt and i somehow managed to drive and finger her shaven pussy at the same time! Liz was so horny she kept my cock out when we drove thru a village. As we left a little village i spotted some woods with a large open gate - this was what we were looking for!!

I parked on a grass verge, it was muddy and i could have got stuck but all i could think of was fucking liz. We walked hand in hand thru the gate and into the woods which sloped downhill and followed a little path about 20 yards. While we were walking down the path liz said "oh shit i forgot to bring the camera!" I told her not to worry as i could take pics on my mobile phone and send them to kev.

We found a nice solid tree and liz bend over and stedied herself against the tree. She then pulled up her loose little skirt and pulled down her g string to reveal a lovely wet pair of shaven pussy lips. My zip was already open so i unbuttoned my top button of my jeans and got my cock out.

I didnt even need to hold liz''s pussy lips apart, i just rubbed the head of my bare cock between her lips and slipped in lovely. Liz let out a little gasp and we could both hear cars passing nearby. My dark bareback cock looked lovely moveing in and out of her sweet pussy and i then remembered i had my phone in my jeans pocket. Still pumping away into liz i bend over and got my phone from my pocket and took a couple of actoin shots of my cock, covered in lizs juices, fucking her from behind looking directly down.

I could feel my spunk rising so put the camera down and pumped harder, liz encouraging me to cum inside her pussy. A couple of mins later i could hold out no more and gushed deep inside liz;s pussy I carried on pumping a few more strokes after i had come to savour the lovely sticky feeling inside liz''s pussy. I pulled out and noticed some of my lovely thick spunk was oozing out her pussy so told her to stay still so i could take 2 more pics on my camera phone!

Liz pulled her knickers back on and as we walkd back to the car i sent the pics to liz''s hubbys mobile phone as picture text messages. As we were just getting in the car my mobile beeped to say id got a text so i checked it:

"Nice job mate, bet she feels better now!..Kev)"

I still have the pics on my mobile, they get me horny every time i see them :)