Written by Paul

9 Oct 2006

I am a 52 year old married guy and totally hetrosexual,I thought

For the last four months I have been shagging a girl I know from the pub called suzy, she is no oil painting but not a bad body for a 46 year old and will try anything.

A couple of weeks ago I was at suzies one afternoon just getting stuck in to a good fuck when the door bell rang,Suzy said Oh bollox that is my ex come round to collect the last of his stuff,slipped off my cock and went to let him in. Well I suppose when suzy answered in just a towel he guessed something was going on and my car on the drive was a dead give away.

As it happens I know Nigel (her ex) and when he walked in the bedroom and I was lying there on the bed with a semi on he just said not a bad fuck is she.Well it is really hard to be cool in that situation so I agreed and started to get dressed.Suzy said not fucking likely this is a dream come true nige has got a 9 inch dick but is lousy in bed you've got a 6 inch dick and a great tongueI am going to be in fucking heaven.

That must have taken nigel about 5 seconds to get his kit off and fuck what a monster of a cock he had half as long as mine again and twice as thick, I felt totally intimidated.

he slipped straight up suzy like rat up a drain and about 20 seconds later it was all over,at least that made me feel better.

suzy asked me to lick her straight away but when I saw his spunk dripping out of her fanny I had second thoughts until she gave me the ultimatum "lick me now or fuck off and you will never shag me again" so down I went, at first I started to move his spunk out of the way with my tongue and lick the clitoris but she grabbed my head and forced it into her big wet hair spunky fanny and it did@nt taste too bad it wan't long before I was swallowing the lot.

while this is going on my cock is at bursting point and I realised somebody was giving me a great wank, it didn't take a lot to work out it was nigel.

next thing his arm slipped round me neck and he slid a finger up suzy's cunt when it came out dripping with goo I should have thought about it but 5 seconds later that same finger was up my arse, it made me want to shit Oh my god I needed to crap but my cock was rock hard my arse was full of male index fingerand suzy was cumming for england,and when stuck my cock in his mouth I lasted about 5 seconds and had the best cum of my life.

so now I am lying on my back between suzy's legs totally fucked and I open my eyes and 2 inches from my face is a 9 inch rock hard cock,before I could tell him to fuck off he was pushing it between my lips and it tasted of suzy's fanny, by now I was confused there was no way that thing was going all the way in so I got a grip on it and pulled it out,he wasn't giving up that easy and started to fuck my hand well watching this mamoth cock about 3 inches from my face with the hole starting to dribble pre cmm I just wanted to taste it as i I licked at the hole he shot his load and yes it was very nice.

Suzy got the hump and fucked for a shower he sucked my cock till I was hard then with more than a little persuasion and vaseline I fucked his arse and shot the biggest load I have ever shot up there.

Don't think suzy is too happy and he is not putting that fucking great thing up my arse but it was fun