Written by dave

26 Jul 2006

im in the public toilet cubicle as you instructed .wearing only lace top tan stockings with 4 inch heels full make up and black basque you left your wife at home and have come down to have your cock sucked by a crossdress slut.you enter the cubical and i imediatly squat down in front of you and unzip your trousers pulling them past your knees and freeing your georgous prick i gently cup your balls in one hand while slowly working my hand up and down your beutifull shaft you moan with pleasure as i slowly lower my lipstick mouth onto your lovely cock i work my head slowly up and down your shaft you are very excited you pull me away and bending me over the toilet i feel your huge cock push at my tight young hole with a final push you are inside me i bite my lip to stop myself from crying out in pleasure as you streatch me to the limit i feel your lovely cock begin to pump your precious load up my tight little ass and i feel your spunk run down my thighs to my stocking tops you withdraw and i turn around and gently suck your limp cock clean loving the taste of your come then without warning you start to become hard again i can feel you grow in my mouth and soon you grab my head and fill my mouth with your wonderfull spunk witch i swallow greeegily you zip up and head home leaving me waiting for my next cock i have to wank myself at the thought of what you have done to me filling my black lace panties with my owmn spunk