Written by ananga ranga

27 Feb 2005

A while back with an ex-girlfriend we went camping in beautiful Wales during the summer. For a few days we spent our time in our little tight tent. Sex in that thing was fun but very hot, I suggested to her if she would ever consider doing it outside? Not for the thrill of being caught but to be with nature. She was very reluctant the fear of being spotted overwhelmed her, and Iam not one to force a women to do something she doesn’t want to, disappointed but I left it at that.

Two three days later, in the laundry room I saw a young woman about nineteen, twenty heating up water on a stove for a cuppa. I put on a smile and said “hi how are you?” “Fine thanks.” after about twenty minutes I could see she wasn’t enjoying my company, so I did my job made a stupid excuse to leave her in peace. But As I was about to walk out I asked her where about in the camp she was based she mentioned some rat hole of the camp and that’s why her whole trip was so rotten, “why don’t you come and camp next to us?” Suddenly she smiled.

The first day was great, my girlfriend was happy that I offered to help her and they really got on well together and had so much in common.

I loved my girlfriends body she just under six feet with petite breasts but the most lovely soft plump peach bottom, long blond hair with deep blue eyes, I could never for a moment keep my hands off her.

It was a warm night I was in my boxers she in her white g string and thin tight blue top, the dim candle in the tent shined a faint light over her voluptuous pale skin.

With the tip of my fingers I caressed her belly whilst lightly joking with her, her giggles must have been heard by the other woman, her tent was no more then a foot away. Gently placing my hand under her top and started massaging her breast, “do you like that?” “Yes you know I do that’s why your doing it” she replied placing her hand behind her head to allow me more access to her warm breasts, then for a single unnoticed moment I lightly pinched her hard erect nipple and she shut her eyes and let off this moan and exhale of air, she started quivering on her sleeping bag. This went on for good few minutes of teasing giggles and wonderful groans.

Suddenly I heared the tent zipper opening and I heard out in the darkness the voice of the women next to us “Iam only going to ask once, can I watch…?” without even considering my girlfriend I said “yes, come in” she had nothing on except a deep red g string she being exactly the same height but a brunette with a thinner body then my girlfriend. The tent was so packed physical contact between us all was inevitable. My girlfriend in complete shock and amazement lay there like a stone, the brunette softly spoke to her “its ok it’s ok sshh”

I slowly pulled her top over her right breast and placed her still hard nipple between my wet warm lips and started circling flicking nibbling her pink nipple, she started to show signs again of arousal, I am also in shock overwhelmed by the scenario but on auto pilot. With my right hand I released her breast and with my fingers followed the trail to her pussy. I placed my fingers over her pants between her legs and was amazed how damp, wet they were her pussy seemed to be on fire. Unbeknown to me my hard cock had wondered through my boxers into the site of the brunette suddenly all I felt was a woman’s hand on my cock looking down it was her “I just want to taste” the small drops of clear cum from my throbbing cock she placed upon her finger tips and started licking her hand dry of me. Then I heard my girlfriend trying to keep her voice down “fuck me fuck it hurts too much fuck me fuck fuck me…? I looked at the brunette she was stuck in the corner of the tent, her g string to one side violently playing with her pussy “fuck her you know you wanna” I wanted both of them but I could see that the brunette had her limits same as my girlfriend. “I wanna eat your pussy…” before I could finish the sentence she replied in a stern voice “your cock my pussy, now!”

I flew her soaked g string straight off, my cock was dripping strings of sticky cum on everything, she spread her legs keeping them in the air, I took a brief glimpse at her pussy and it was so wet. I lay on her my cock touched her pussy it was so hot to the touch, and then there it was her entrance I teasingly, incredibly slowly started to push and just allowed the head of my cock inside allowing her to gently part, she went crazy, I could hear the brunette Cumming, the fabric to the tent moving she let off this muffled groan and all we could hear was her heavy rapid breathing, then she came and lay along side us, that’s when I simply placed my cock all the way down to my aching balls inside my girlfriends silk pussy, then I would remove myself only with the head still in her pussy then back in again but pushing in a little deeper at a time, it started to increase as the minutes came and passed, over a long period of astonishing time she came once twice, by this time I could not for the world take anymore, she saw that look in my face and she knew that I would cum at any minute, I whispered to her “you want it you want it…?” “Yes” “how you want it how…?” She looked at the brunette and who suggestively opened her mouth, my girlfriend looked me in the eyes and said “my mouth” that was the last straw, I pulled myself out, my cock lubed from her and myself speedily crawled towards her placing my hand behind her head, she opened hear mouth “open, open” she opened wider I with my guiding hand placed the tip of my cock on her bottom lip, she just left it to me waiting for the moment, I could feel the muscles moving and cum rushing from my body looking down a frozen moment, the sight of my cum hurling itself curving in its journey to the back of her dark mouth, then again but this time on her cheek and over her closed eye then once more over her tongue and smiling lips, she held the tip of my cock between her lips in a why like one has bitten into a plum in order not to allow the juices to run down their cheek, she with eyes closed with a single gulp the remaining white thick warm juices travelled down her throat.