Written by Alana

7 Mar 2005

I have written one story before so i thought i might share another one of my dogin experiences.

As i arrived off the train wearing black and red suspenders lace top stockings and matching bra with a short black cord skirt (we might as well say belt)thigh high boots and a blue shirt. i did have a coat covering it but it wasnt long enough kinda embarresing walking to the car but funny oh did i forget to mention my undies i wasnt wearing any.

my friend D and i drove to one of our reguler dogin spots an i hadnt seen him for a while so i was gagging to get his cock in my mouth we started kissing and he pulled down his trousers and i started sucking it tasted just as i remembered licking the tip and feeling him get hard in my mouth turned me on and i couold feel the moistnes between my legs. As i was sucking i could see a man wanking outside his window. i just wanted D's cock to go in my mouth as deep as he could i wanted him to fuck my mouth as if it was my pussy. i then started to lick his balls it was great.

i had to feel him in between my legs i needed to feel him penetrate my wet pussy. the chairs were back and i got on top of his hard cock my legs on either side and slid down up and down. i could feel him inside me and i was riding him hard. there were now 2 men outside the window as i was going up an down D asked me if i wanted to suck the guys i said yes so we opened the window i was still going up and down on D as i started sucking one it was an awkward position in the drivers seat but hey it was fun sucking this complete stragers cock while im riding D how cool.

i was sucking him hard and taking him deep into my mouth. while i was sucking him the second guy started to feel my arse then thats when i felt it the second guy started to finger my arse slowly, i was going up and down on D and sucking one guy and anouther was just pumping my arse with his finger it was amazing he was going faster and faster. the guy i was sucking started to cum and i opened my mouth to show D then swallowed then the second guy got his cock out and i started to suck him he was quite thick and i could feel his cock filling my mouth as i was sucking hard in out i went up and down and the guy started to cum in my mouth again i opened my mouth to show D and then swallowed i got off D and then started to suck him some more licking teasing it was great.

i had to take a break as my mouth was getting a little achey from all the sucking so we drove to another dogin site. thats where i had even more fun. i had brought along my trusty rampant rabit for this special occasion and thats were I let D use it on me (i have to say this was embarresing because i have never let a man use a vibrator on me before) D was in concentration staring at my open pussy my legs spread and teasing my clit with the rabbit ears my pussy muscles were tightening and my body was shaking he knew how to use it makeing me scream my hand punding on the roof of his car everytime he hit the right spot. we had onlookers watching him closly as he played with my pussy openly i must have cum twice it was excellent and it was more so cause D was doing it.

D then got on top of me and started to pump my very very wet pussy with his cock again he just felt sooooo good inside me and it felt so right.pumping hard and fast i could feel his balls slapping against me his body on top of me i wanted to feel him explode inside me he was going so hard my body was shaking againg with every movement he made my pussy muscles tightening squeezing his cock. when he was lying on top of me with the weight of his body crushing me i could feel his balls tighten then he said he was gonna cum, i could feel him unload his hot sticky spunk up my wanting pussy.

It was an excellent day and i hope one of many more to come xxx