Written by kymm

29 Oct 2005

I had never known such anticipation before. All day i had felt breathless and that familiar arousness between my legs kept emerging. As the day went on my fantasy was getting closer to becoming reality. I kept getting flashes of what he would do to me, i was squirming on my chair in the office at the thought of his hot breath taking each nipple to their maximum erection, nothing could have prepared me for that feeling of warm sex juice gently easing its way out of my pussy, for a while there was no going back and my hand found its way to my softly swollen clit that had worked its way out of my pussys lips.Oh fuck! i wish he was here now. With all my willpower i took my hand out of my thong and saved myself for him and my husband to share the moment,

At last the night arrived.Deep in conversation at the pub i was not listening to what he was saying, i wanted there and then to take his hand and slip it inside my bra, i imagined him to tug my nipples vigourously whilst my husband secured the other one. I felt like i could stand it no longer..... before me there was two bulges hidden in tight pants.. i wanted him there and then!!!!!

It wasnt long after we arrived at his house that the threesome was underway, with two hands negotiating for my shiny clit, i struggled to find control, my moist pussy was now a soaking haven for their tongues and i felt my clit stiffen to the attention.Wantonly i arched my back, easing my pussy into both mouths as my tiny ejaculations emerged.... oh fuck i really wanted to squirt but i hardly knew him. Having two cocks was spoiling me for choice feeling one then the other in my mouth was keeping my clit standing to attention.....secretly i wanted him to wank himself all over me whilst i stroked his rigid balls. if only i wasnt so shy! On making eye contact with him did he really know all i was thinking was god i want to feel your hard cock thrust into me. I had a strong desire to push forward really hard so i could take all his cock. I could not look him in the eye in case he knew i wanted my husband to wank my clit at the same time so that i could come all over him.My god i dont even know this man and he doesnt know me, well, not well enough for me to tell him that in my imagination i lower myself onto his nice firm cock slowly on and off the end, bit by bit untill i have taken him completely, deeply into my pussy rocking his hardness, with my husbands cock tooing and throwing in my glossy lips untill finally i am bathed in both mens cum.... maybe one day ill tell them what i want... ill let you know how i get on x