Written by wet pussy

1 Sep 2006

it was a friday night and me and a guy alan i meet just too days ago went out to the club.he picked me up and we went. i was in my mini skirt and hang top when he asked me if i was wearing a bra i said no and he said can i get a look so i showed him as the slut i am. as we were in the club we got a bit drunk dancing most of the night. it turnd 1am so we went. we got to the car and we kissed i enjoyed it so i said lets go down 2 the woods.we stopped and he asked me to finger myself as he licked my very wet pussy.then he put his 9incs cock in my pussy and fucked me very hard we went to the back of his car to fuck.i was moanin very load by this point i was ready to cum. mmmmmmm he said as he licked my pussy clean i loved it then out of the blue his friend was watchin. 'what the fuck' i said. he told me that it was his friend and i went out of the car and started givin this guy head while alan did me up the ass i came again. as the guys fingers went in my very wet pussy i moan again he then licked me out and i came again. alan pushed his nob in my mouth and came to i was fucked good that night and would love to have my pussy and ass fucked like that again.