Written by RandyAndy

22 Mar 2004

Last night on the way home I pulled in a lay-by to take a much needed piss. Over near some trees was a car with 3 guys standing around it looking in. I got back into my car and drove past them really slow and saw the guys were standing there jerking off so I pulled up a little way away from them and watched. Something was going on in the car with the inside light on. I walked over and once I was pretty close I could see it was a couple fucking. She was bend over on all fours with the guy fucking her from behind. One of the 3 guys then said hello to me so I knew I was welcome to join in watching.

The girl getting fucked was dressed in stocking and suspenders, all in white with a lacy bra and long blonde hair. I joined the other guys by taking my stiff cock out and standing there jerking slowly. I've jerked off with my mates a few times after a drunk night in the pub and then back to someones place to watch porn so seeing guys jerking off was not new to me.

Thing is, I was getting off so much on the couple fucking before I realised it was two guys in the car. One was a TV, and very convincing too.

Well to be honest I never noticed it, but one of the guys standing with me jerking off told me he was a sexy TV.

I'd never got off on watching guys fucking, and never really seen a TV doing it. I do check out guys cocks when I watch porn, you know to compare size and stuff but it amazed me how turned on I was watching two guys fuck.

Well to cut a long story short, the guy standing next to me was about my age, 20, and he looked at my cock in my hand a lot. The guy fucking had just cum all over the TV's back, and the other 2 guys watching walked away to their car. The guy next to me asked if I leaving too or hanging around and I told him I was staying for a while longer.

We walked over to my car, then he walked into the woods in front of my car, no one else could see him standing against a tree like I could. He had dropped his jeans and was standing there jerking off, so I walked over and joined him. Standing a little away from him at first then getting closer. Once I was in reaching distance he grabbed my cock and started stroking it, then went down on me and started sucking my cock. I was looking around nervously to make sure no one could see us.

He turned to face the tree, his arse stuck out towards to me, his legs spread and jusst told me to fuck him. I felt his arse and then his butt hole, it was sticky and wet. He handed me a condom then sqeezed some stuff out of a sachet and rubbed it over my cock, then with both his hands on the tree, his arse pouting towards me, I just rubbed it round his butt hole and then it just sunk in.

I've fucked my girlfriend like this before but it was never this easy to get in her. Holding onto the guys hips I banged my cock in and out deep and hard as he spoke to me telling me to fuck him harder. I was really giving him all I could and then I came. It happend fast, and was over fast. I pulled my cock out and ripped off the condom and he pulled up his jeans thanking me. We walked back to my car and he told me I was the 3rd guy to fuck him that night. He said the most times he ever had it was 7 times. So now I know why his butt hole and arse was sticky, from all the previous guys lube and cum.

We said goodbye and I got back in my car, sitting having a smoke before I headed off home to my girlfriend. I was just about to leave and the same guy walked back into the woods with another guy, lucky number 4.

It was a first for me and won't be a last. Far beats jerking off anyday. What a pleasure, and what a nice service the guy was offering. Never thought I would do a guy, now I can't wait for the next one.