Written by Dennis

4 Jun 2004

For most of my 20 years of marriage I have been totally inadequate at satisfying my wife in bed. I first managed to make her come very recently when I learned how to toss her off as I fucked her. Not surprisingly, she has allowed other men to fuck her. She admits that all her other men have been much better than me in bed and all made her come easily. I suppose I like the humiliation of knowing that I am inadequate. These are two of my favourite stories about my wife’s love life.

My wife often let men pick her up at parties and one night, after some snogging and fingering, she went home with a man called Mike. After sending her home the next day which was Sunday, Mike went off to the local pub to meet his mates. In the pub, not far from our house, was a friend of ours, who Mike didn’t know. In the pub Mike brazenly bragged about how he had picked up and fucked my wife. He described how much she loved it and how she said he was so much better than her husband. He and his mates had a good laugh about all the things he had made her do and what a cheap and easy fuck my wife was. Our friend reported back to his girlfriend who told my wife about what Mike had said. My wife knows this story excites me and makes me come quick so she reminds me of it when I am fucking her in our marriage bed.

The other story is about my wife and her favourite lover, David. She had an affair with him lasting many months. She had told him that he could fuck her as much as he wanted and whenever he wanted. Late one night she came home after being with him. I was in bed slowly rubbing my hard cock trying not to come. I watched her take off her clothes – David insisted that my wife always wear sexy black undies and black stockings and suspenders for him. As always, after being with another man, she knelt over me and lowered her well used cunt over my mouth. She told me I could lick and suck her out but I couldn’t fuck her. As I licked her she told me to be gentle as she had been fucked so much her cunt was very sore. She also said that she had had more than enough cock up her that night and didn’t need any more, especially mine. Needless to say, there was more than the usual amount of spunk up her that night.

Because she wouldn’t let me push my cock up her sore cunt I had to wank myself. I could taste his spunk in my mouth as she whispered in my ear how much better than me David was at fucking her. She told me the dirty things she did with David and that he had fucked her four times that night. Since I had never ever managed to make her come I asked her if David had. I remember her little laugh as she said, of course, at least once every time he had fucked her. David had made my wife come more in one night than I had managed in our entire marriage! She said that I was rubbish in bed and giggled as she told me how much she loved her David’s cock in her mouth and up her cunt. I spunked off at that point and my wife quickly fell asleep.

I already knew, with great embarrassment, that not only could I not fuck my wife to orgasm but I couldn’t even make her cunt wet and excited. She still enjoys telling me how David would make her wet her knickers just by kissing her while I have always had to lick her cunt just to make it wet enough to push my cock up her.

I hope you have enjoyed my stories. I promise you they are all totally true! Please email me with any comments or questions. I would love to hear from you. I will post other stories up from time to time.