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Sitting in the cafe where I had arranged to meet Ella, a nervous apprehension swept over me. Discretion was key for us both, so the photos we shared were, well, tantalising with faces hidden and so it was a blind date.

She knew what I would be wearing and could simply walk past if she chose. A moment later a soft whisper, 'are you Andrew', yes I muttered nearly startled by her warm and knowing face.

Coffee was quickly served and quickly, nearly instinctively we knew where this meeting might be heading. No shyness or apprehension now as I was absorbed into Ella's introductory chat. After no more than 10 minutes of pleasantries the conversation became softer and, well, matter of fact.

Ella was by now purposeful, you could say blunt, she was a lady who knew what she wanted, when she wanted it and how she wanted it and it turned out the when was now! It felt as if every eye in this place was watching these two, their intense concentrated conversation. I stood up and with an untypical shyness, settled the bill.

We had not discussed where an intimate encounter, should it arise, might take place. But as we left the cafe Ella just said, 'I'm only round the corner, let's go there'. I didn't need a second thought and I struggled to maintain an appropriate composure, the whole experience was already full of erotic emotion.

Five minutes later we were there, a nice 2 up two down in a pretty row of terraces. I looked nervously around, but no twitching curtains, the neighbours were busy at it, work that is!

Once inside it seemed as if all the pleasantries had been done and we headed straight upstairs. As we did I saw slim legs and a hint of suspenders at the point smooth white legs replaced her stockings.

I thought I had planned this but things were moving to fast, I needed to slow this down. Enjoy her, don't rush this, but Ella had other ideas.

Her bed was stripped to a single white sheet onto which she pulled me. I felt helpless as she began rubbing my groin. Ella's short skirt had ridden up revealing her wonderfully organised lingerie and.... no knickers.

She was ready to absorb me in every sense. Her tongue searched out mine but quickly went to my, by now, throbbing member. In one move I pulled her away and gently steered her butt onto my groin and as I did Ella pushed me inside.

She was grinding me slowly, her soft smile fixed In concentration, she was close and so was I.

Ella, can I turn you around? She nearly spun on my member, her butt now in full view, her pussy nearly a part of me.

I wanted this to last, but she was done and so was I. I had planned a different encounter and much as I had planned, Ella had planned better. What a wonderful lady.

Written by AdoreTantric

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