Written by Lovemyjuice

5 Dec 2012

Jay got up and rolled me on to my back on the bed, his cock was solid , his knob loos like it was going to explode , he went to the table a got a pair of handcuffs out of one of the draws, he said no slut I'm going to fuck you like you deserve you dirty whore, he hand cuffed my hands to the bed then began licking my wet cummy pussy , nibbling at my lips and every now and then I felt his warm tounge around my arse, mmm I moaned with pleasure as he squeezed my hard nipples.

Jag climbed on top of me & pushed his hard cock inside me and began fucking me, he was a big man and I struggled to bare his weight , he sucked my neck , breasts & pulled my hair, he pummed away at me for what seemed hours, before the fat sweetly bastard fired his hot cum in now soaking pussy, lol he never managed to make me cum though.

He grabbed my head and thrust his tounge in my mouth and snogged me , he said now you do what your told slut, my customers have paid good money for you..!

Jay left me tied to the bed with my pussy oussing cum, a few minutes later I heard voiced and the door opens and a young lad came in and shut the door, he look about 16 at best, he didn't say a word just striped to his pants.

He had a massive hard on, you could see it trying to burst out of his shorts, he got on the bed and started to kid me and fondall my breasts, I could feel him shaking with nervs , I said am I your first, he said yes, then started to suck my breasts , he slid his finger inside me and crudely finger fucked me for a few mins, then he pulled down his shorts, climed on top of me still handcuffed to the bed.

He pushed his throbbing Virginia cock into my doubled filled pussy lips, it slid in like butter, omfg his cock was huge long and fat , it stretched my pussy to the point it begain to hurt, I begged him to fuck me and I thrust my hips untimely with his thrusts , he pumped me really fast , and buried every inch of his thick meat deep into me , I begged him to undo my cuffs, which he did , so now I grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled every I tech of him into me, in seconds he orgasumed , and I could feel him pump me with his thick hot cum.

I wasent done with him I turned him over and sat down on his still hard member , I took every inch of his cock , I ground my pussy against him till A massive orgasum erupted inside me and I gushed all over him, I leaped off and begain sucking his big fat cock he groaned again as I gorged on the last of his salty seed that he managed to shoot in my mouth as he came once more...!