Written by Indian Takeawayslut

7 Feb 2005

I am a 28 year old married white woman who lives in Bradford and as my husband is away for weeks on end working I have in the last year started to meet other men for sex.I am always chatted up by my local grocer Mr Patel who must be in late 50's nearly bald and a biggish belly but whenever I get indoors I usually end up fingering myself as my panties are soaked through imagining him taking me upstairs to the flat above the shop and having me.One hot day last summer I popped into the grocers and I was dressed in a pair of tight white shorts and a vest top minus a bra so my nipples were visible and I was aware Mr Patel was bruning ahole in my head with his eyes as and when I walked to the counter I stopped and bent don giving hima great view of my arse through my shorts and I swore I heard him whistle.I stood up and teased him by leaning my tits on the counter and asked him if he had any specials on today and he joked he had something out back I might like and he went to the front of the shop and put the closed sign up and took my hand and led me out back and no sooner had he shut the door than he pushed me up against the door and was grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples I nearly fainted as his tongue slipped into my mouth my legs parted and I felt something hard against my leg and grabbed it and wanted to see it so I managed to slip to my knees and rubbed him between his legs then yanked down his trousers and saw a huge cock with a red helmet and I licked the end and atsted some precum as he pushed my head further down and he started to fuck my mouth and I could smell his sweaty balls banging my face I was so turned on I wanted this old man and held his cock in my hand and stood up bent over and he undid my shorts and started to rim my arse but I told him to fuck me with that cock and as I was soaked he went in like a hot knife on butter and he was swearing at me calling me a dirty white slut and I told him to fuck me hurt me with his rod as the room now smelt of sweat and sex.He lasted about 15 minutes before pulling my arse cheeks closer and shooting his indian seed into me and he carried on pumping until his balls were drained.When he removed his cock I fell to the floor on some boxes and proceeded to open my legs wide stick my fingers into my used pussy and lick them clean of his spunk as he stood ther and after a while his cock was again hard and I told him to spunk over my tits and he shot his second load over my bi tits and I massaged it in got dressed and told him this would be a regular thing when I wanted it as I was now in charge.We now fuck twice a week and I have told him to find me some of his relatives and I don't care how old as long as they know how to use their cocks.Just like some white women who only want black I now only want Indian and my husband hasn't fucked me for 9 months now so I want to shock him and get knocked up and the surprise on his face when I gave birth to an Indian baby would be a picture.I am off to Inida for 3 weeks this summer and have managed to set myself up for some all Indian gangbangs and I can't wait.