Written by Nudeboy

23 May 2006

I had just moved to the south-west in 1980 and met Mary who was 10years older than my 26years. We were fucking like rabbits but nothing too interesting. I had always had a hankering for something more exciting and also wanted to get Mary into going to a nude beach with me, but how to bring up the subject was the problem.

Anyway after a few months she suggested we go to supper with some older freinds of hers, an older woman she used to work with and her new husband, second time around for both. They were Graeme & Jayne he was 65, fairly fit and youthfull, and she was 50 with a slim waist, but the first thing you noticed were the 46inch boobs. Massive. The introoductions went well and soon the wine was flowing, then they mentioned they had had to appear before the committee at the naturist club, it seems they were a bit too friendly with each other on some occasions in the club. Well this was an eye opener and the discussions opened up, "would we be interested in joining" but I did not jump up straight away, although I wanted to.

Later in the week I went to Mary's she was really horny and I lifted her skirt to find she had on her stockings and french knickers, the in-thing at the time, she had also just confessed to shaving all her pubes off for the first time as the women at work had told her it was the latest thing (think 80s guys). Well I pulled the silky french knicks aside and bent her over the table and felt her newly shaved pussy, it was tender smooth and very wet and bloody marvellous. Mary soon got my cock out and I and was getting into it when the phone rang, it was Jayne just ringing to say that they had been to the committe at their club and slapped on the wrists but they were thinking of moving to another naturist club. Meanwhile I was urged by Mary not to stop and we were both getting hot, then knock me down Mary only tells Jayne that I was about to come up her pussy and passed the phone to back to me to say hello, well that did it I went straight to the vinegar strokes while holding both Mary's tits. After erupting what seemed like gallons I grabbed the phone to be greeted with Jayne roaring with laughter and calling Graeme.

A couple of weeks later we were on the phone again early one Friday, when Mary and Jayne decided to have a pyjama party at their house that night. So off we go, Mary in a knee length nightie with her favourite french knicks on underneath and long coat over the top. I had my standby hospital pyjama bottoms and a tee shirt on, as I always slept naked, I was a bit miffed as I was looking for a long Friday night session of unbridled sex, but thought the conversation interesting and the prospect of some inuendo might get us all in the mood, I must have been as green as a cabbage. When we arrived we rushed to the door as I only had an anorak over my tee shirt and pyjama bottoms and Mary had a coat but she looked okay except it was a warm summer night and Graeme and Jayne's house was in total darkness with all the curtains drawn, and there is us standing in winter coats, I do not know what the neighbours thought, but who cares.

The door was opened by Jayne in a long nightie and Graeme in his stripy pyjamas and slippers. Jayne grabbed us both in and planted an enthusiastic kiss straight on my lips. I shook Graeme's hand as he was grinning like a chesire cat. We went straight to the wine and Mary asked me to give Graeme a video cassette she asked me to bring. I had not seen it but had mentioned to Mary that I had some tapes from a mate who had been to Holland. Well we were talking the usual stuff, with Mary and I, sitting on the sofa when Greame, who was in an armchair watching the tv, realised what was on the tape and Jayne was filling my glass bent over in front of me, I was staring at those massive tits as she bent over and gave me a free view, Jayne nearly spilled the wine, Graeme and Mary just fell silent and I nearly cum in my pjs at the sight of Jaynes globes and the tension. Jayne then went and sat on the arm of the armchair and Mary then grabbed me for a snog, I gave her a feel and she grabbed my cock which was a bit more than just an interested lob. We came up for air to look round and saw Jayne lying back on the armrest with her nightie up about the hips and Graeme frigging her for all he was worth. After that Mary got my cock out through my pjs and I got my hand up inside those knicks.

A couple of minutes later Jayne gasped and asked if anybody wanted some more wine, we fell about laughing then she declared she needed more and took her nightie off, followed by Graeme getting out of his pj's. He sported a decent length and was only half hard but Jayne had the thickest red bush I had ever seen, in fact I still haven't seen more bush on a redhead. Greame got stuck in straight away on his knees making Jayne moan as he obviously hit the spot with his tongue, meanwhile Mary was giving me a BJ, I think it was the hardest I had ever been, it was horny as hell watching these oldies pleasuring each other and being pleaseured at the same time. This went on for some time until I had nothing on and Mary got rid of her knicks and we were getting into a 69, by this time Jayne had Graeme's cock in her mouth and I was not for holding out much longer. Mary and I retired to the kitchen and I gave her a good rogering doggy style with her hanging onto the sink and calling out to Jayne, I still felt this was weird but I did like it as I was turned on and stayed half hard despite cumming bucket loads. After we calmed down, a bit anyway, we went back into the front room where Jayne and Graeme were looking post coital and sitting sipping wine in the buff, Mary and I sat down, as naked as the hosts, and chatted away again like it was something we did all the time.

The conversation after that and every time we met thereafter was always saucy and we always told each other about our outdoor exploits, and anything else juicy, which was fairly new to us but not to Jayne and Graeme, obviously. That summer Mary and I went on holiday to a place in France that Jayne and Graeme recomended right next to a nude beach. After an evening stroll the first night we came across a couple walking nude along the beach, I took the chance and asked Mary if she was up for a spot of nude sunbathing in the morning rather than going to the textile beach a bit further along. She was, and so it was we started having fun on nude beaches but there are many other stories there.

Sadly Graeme died two years later but we still see Jayne who is still as mad and saucy as ever in her seventies now, I can't help thinking sometimes she would be up for some ffm but I would not suggest that to Mary. She still has the huge boobs and a wonderfully tight ass for a lady in her seventies and I know she would still fuck for England if she got a chance. I had wondered if we should ask her to come on holiday with us, you never know....