Written by B. Meagher

4 Oct 2006

I recall some years age when a friend of the family came to our city to take up nurse training. She came with a friend called Angela, both of them were eighteen years old. Being away from home they used to visit us on a regular basis. Sometimes alone or both of them depending what shift they were on.

One evening Angela came on her own and fortunately it was a night when the rest of the family were out. We talked about nursing and all the aspects of it. The sights she had seen whether men would try it on etc. We ended up next to each other and kissed my hand went up her side and gently touched her breast. She made no objection so I slipped inside her blouse and had a lovely feel of her firm young breasts. I asked her if she wanted to come upstairs and she was obviously eager. I carried her up to the bedroom and lay her on the bed and rubbed my body against hers.

I then suggested that I ran a bath and she could wash my back for me. I did so and got in Angela came into the bathroom wearing just a bra and pants. By now my cock was really hard and throbbing. She proceeded to wash my back then got me to stand up while she washed my bottom, I then turned around to face her I could see she was pleased by what she saw. Loads of body gel was put on her hand and she gave me the best hand rub I have ever had. Feeling her hand going up and down my cock was absolutely Heavenly. Washing the gel off she took me in her mouth taking my cock in as far as it would cking backwards and forwards.

I had to stop as I was about to shoot all over the place and I had other plans for my spunk. I got out and she dried me I was told to sit on the toilet she took her pants off and I could see she was already wet. She she spreasd her legs and stood over me slowly coming down on my stiff cock. Right down until I was completely inside her. I unhooked her bra and for the first time saw her absolutely beautiful tits, they were so firm.

I rubbed my tongue around her nipples and took her tits in my mouth as best I could. She was very excited and holding my shoulders rode up and down on me. Oh it was the best sex I have ever had. Angela got so excited that I could not hold myself back any longer and shot my load inside her. It was absoluteyy brilliant.

When we quietened down we both got in the bath because we had sweated a lot by then. But what happened then is another story.