Written by Gundog

19 Dec 2003

My (true) story is many years old but I remember it as if it were yesterday: I was working as a young engineer on a one year contract for a medical company in a lovely rural part of Scotland. My employer had located me in a nearby pub hotel which had a decent restaurant and four or five en-suite bedrooms.

As usual, it took me two or three weeks to get to know the locals and I spent one or two evenings visiting the nearby town and generally getting my bearings.

The hotel had three Australian girls working as bar maid, receptionist and waitress. Two of the girls were students studying to be dentists but the third was an older girl who had split from her Australian boyfriend and decided to visit the UK with the others.

As the weeks passed I became friendly with all three and got to know them quite well. They were intelligent, well mannered and good humoured. One winter's night, I took them up to the golf club for a social drink and since I'd arranged a taxi, we all managed to get very well pissed, returning home late in a happy but silly state.

Sue, the older girl had been all over me in the back of the taxi and had wispered that she was going to give me a treat when we got back to my room. The treat turned out to be a lengthy shagging session whick lasted most of the night and was just what we both needed since neither of us had had one for several weeks. This girl was different to all the others I had ever been with, she was athletic and had dark, almost black curly hair. Her tits were small but rock-hard and her black hairy cunt was divine. We shagged in every position I could think of and she made enough noise to waken the hotel with the number of times she came. I remember shooting my load into her three times before before we finally finished and went to sleep.

The following night was a repeat performance but first she insisted in sucking me off till I came in her mouth. She loved it and it was a surprise to me since most girls I had experienced were unhappy to have men come in their mouths. Not this girl, she sucked with great enthusiasm and swallowed every bit.

The following week Sue came to my room again and said she had told Angie, one of the other girls about our previous nights of passion and that she wanted her to join us for a threesome. Now this was something really special and how could I refuse.

Angie was a big blonde girl, very tall and with DD tits and since I am average in height, weight and dick length I thought she might be dissapointed.

Sue planned the session for 11.30 in my room when the all the staff had left and the pub was quiet. The owner was away that night and all the rooms were empty, we had the place to ourselves.

Both girls arrived as planned, Sue was hot and eager but Angie looked slightly nervous and let Sue make the first move. She had her jeans and top off in seconds and was not wearing a bra or pants. She almost ripped mine off and pulled me on top telling me to go down and lick her cunt. Needless to say I obliged and whilst she was writing arround on the bed, I noticed that Angie was beginning to show interest and started to stip off.

Moments later Angie was down to her knickers and stroking Sue's body and tits, whilst I was busy licking Sues clit and covering my face with her juices. We carried on as Sue removed her pants and revealed a magnifisent arse and blonde pussy. I'd never seen one before and made a move towards it offering her the same treatment as Sue. Sue was by this time red hot and pulled Angie down onto her forcing her face down on her cunt. She looked at me and snarled "Fuck her now you Bastard". So I did (well, how could I refuse an order like that). I fucked both of them shooting my load up Angie for the first time then over Sues tiny tits the second. I was running out of cum and by second load was not very heavy but Angie rubbed her own tits into it and then offered them into my face.

We finally rested for a while and started drinking and talking about our sexual fantacies. Sue said that she like it good and hard with two men with one in her cunt and the other up here arse. Angie was a bit more straight and said that she had never had anal sex and didn't think she would like it. "You don't know what you're missing" was Sue's reply "and I want to show you".

Without further delay Sue was on her side on the bed with me pushing hard to get my sore dick into her arse. A touch of baby oil and in it went ---- all the way in right up to my balls. "christ that feels good" gasped sue, "take it slow". After a few minutes I withdrew my cock and shifted position but Sue wriggled away and insisted that I try the anal virgin. No problem, I got into postion and eased my cock into Angies arse but the moment it entered, she pulled away and said it hurt. "It's all a matter of practice" said Sue and kneeling on the bed said "Come on, do me good and hard".

In went my very hard and upright 6" cock and I started long strokes and quickened the pace.

Now I have always wondered if a girl can experience an orgasm whilst being fucked in the arse. Sue answered that question by coming almost instantly but she cheated since I felt her rubbing her clit with her free hand. Needless to say I managed to shoot another load and finally withdraw my very sore and tired cock for the third time.

Angie was impressed and said Sue was a real expert. Sue said that she had done it often with her ex boyfriend but his cock was slightly longer but thinner than mine and went in easily.

Two days later we managed a foresome but more about that later.