Written by Danni Girl 69

7 Dec 2004

I had been "chatting" to Matt online for several weeks, each time starting to reveal more of sexual desires and fantasies like how I fantasized about been at a crowded dark bar in a club wearing high heels and a short skirt and getting finger fucked from behind by a total stranger whilst my boyfriend looked on.

Matt fancied having a threesome with another guy, he's straight but just wanted to try it.

When we first started chatting I was married so meeting up was never an option but two weeks ago I split with my husband. Matt was very understanding and chatted to me into the long dark hours of the morning. The things he said he would do to me made me so wet I burnt a virator out with his chat and the thought of him licking and sucking my pussy was too much to bear.

After much deliberation we decided to meet. I had been faithful to my husband for 10 years and here I was agreeing to meet a stranger who I had opened myself to so intimately on the internet.

We met for a drink in a local pub, I'd asked him what he would like me to wear, He'd requested a skirt, high heels and a low cut top. I have large tits 36E and he wanted to make sure he could see them. I was really nervous and when he got out the car I could have died he was gorgeous, we went for a drink he compliemented me on my choice of clothes and couldn't stop looking at my tits, we sat in a quiet corner of the pub my hand naturally falling on his thigh as I sat next to him. I was wet just looking at him as I rubbed his thigh I noticed his hard on under his jeans. He started rubbing my leg under the table I know I'd just met him but I wanted him so badly. We started kissing in the pub feeling his tongue deep inside my mouth when I really wanted it deep inside my pussy. We left our drinks and the pub and went back to the cars I followed him to a layby in a country lane where I got in his car.

His hands were all over me squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples making them so hard and erect, sucking and biting my nipples I could feel my pussy getting so wet, he reached down to finger my pussy and the look on his face when he realised I had crutchless panties on he easily slipped two fingers in rubbing my clit making me moan. I reached for his cock, undoing his jeans releasing a huge hard cock. his fingers were fucking me hard now with three fingers in my cunt and one in my ass I was so close to cumming. I slid across and under him and took his beautiful cock in my mouth I was sucking his cock licking the whole length of it making him feel as though I was going to swallow it whole. I turned my attention to his balls, cupping them in my mouth whilst my hand played with his cock, then I started licking his ass with my tongue probing and exploring he was groaning so I tried a finger in his ass, he loved it so his cock was back in my mouth and I was finger fucking his ass. He started too lick my pussy, now I love having my pussy licked and sucked and bit and boy was he doing a good job I came all over his face, my pussy juice soaking him as I did he shot his load in my mouth, he tasted so good. It had been so long since I'd had a cock in my mouth.

We could have gone on but felt we would save fucking til our next meeting, that's tomorrow at his place so I'm looking forward to good long screw i'll keep you posted